Unresolved URs - suggested rewording of Waze message to user

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Unresolved URs - suggested rewording of Waze message to user

Postby woodvale » Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:27 pm

There have been lots of requests from editors who have asked for the ability to send a message to the user who raised a UR because there is insufficient information provided to enable a focussed investigation and resolution.

I would prefer to suggest a change to the wording of the message sent to a user when their report is marked unresolved.

It currently reads:
"The map problem you reported on Waze on [date], (UR message text) has been reviewed by [editor] but wasn't resolved, most likely due to insufficient information or non-exact location.

Solving map problems is done by wazers just like you, who have also become active in updating and improving the Waze map for the benefit of the entire community. You can try to solve the problem you reported by yourself. It's pretty simple and any change you make will affect the quality of navigation for thousands of Wazers in your area, as well as credit you with extra points.

This is asking the user to fix it themselves.

While this is OK, as we want to encourage more people to come and edit in their area, they possibly won't have the skills or the patience/time to read the wiki before resolving the problem they noted. Surely, it would be easier to reword the message to invite them to send a message to the editor who closed the UR as unresolved, or post to a specific forum?

How about changing that second paragraph so it reads something like:
"Please send a private message to the editor who reviewed your problem report with more details, e.g. longer description of the issue and, if it involves routing, date and time that it occurred and the approximate start and end points of your journey, so the routing can be checked."

I'm sure others could improve on that message, but it changes the aim from getting the user to learn how to edit in Waze and investigate their problem themselves, to getting them to communicate with the editor, who couldn't resolve the problem, to give a better chance of reaching a correct resolution.

It also means that the data protection issue of identifying users is resolved, as user who doesn't want to identify themselves can just ignore the suggestion, and the editor who doesn't want to identify themselves can just ignore the UR if they can't resolve it and don't want to enter into a dialogue.
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