Feature request: Hazard report "shortcuts"

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Feature request: Hazard report "shortcuts"

Postby xplorx4 » Wed Feb 06, 2013 10:46 am

Hi, this post is a feature request for consideration in a future version of the Waze client. I have become a regular Waze user and have begun to depend on it to choose the best route for my commute and alert me to potential hazards or police along my route.

The two most common reports I make during my daily commute are police reports or vehicles stopped on the shoulder.

In order to report these, the number of taps required to do so is too many, which not only takes too much attention from driving, but also can cause the report to be delayed by up to 0.5 mile.

It would be very convenient to provide a "hazard report shortcut" option so that when you tap the "report" icon in the lower right, you see only a few shortcuts you use most often plus a "More..." button.

At the moment, the report menu shows too many options (9), many of which are not frequently used (Camera, Map Chat, Gas Prices, Check In), and reporting road hazards requires drilling too deep into submenus to be efficient. For example, reporting a car stopped on the shoulder of a roadway requires:
1. Tap the report icon
2. Tap the Hazard icon
3. Tap the Shoulder icon
4. Tap the "Vehicle stopped" option
5. Tap the "Send" button

I would like to have the option of a 2-tap reporting system: first, tap on the "Report" icon. Second, tap on the actual report [shortcut] which accomplishes steps 2-5 above.

In the My Waze Settings, provide a "Reports" menu where you can define whether you want to keep the current report UI, or whether you want to have the shortcut UI, which could be a limited number of shortcuts plus the "More" option (which would open the current report UI). You also provide a mechanism to define what each report shortcut represents. For example, maybe you define that the "Hazard" shortcut means "Hazard, Shoulder, Vehicle stopped, my side of the road" and the "Police" shortcut means "Police, Hidden, my side of the road".

Using voice commands for this also takes too long with all of the confirmation prompts, especially if the ambient noise level is very high.

If this feature request has already been suggested, please accept my apologies for not being diligent to search for it prior to making this post.
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