"Familiar Routes" and "Traffic Flowing" Buttons

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Re: "Familiar Routes" and "Traffic Flowing" Buttons

Postby Scorp42 » Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:32 am

The first suggestion would be cool. The second isn't necessary. By driving through the segment, waze will see your normal speed and clear the segment.

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"Familiar Routes" and "Traffic Flowing" Buttons

Postby remydog » Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:05 pm

Here are two additional features I would like to request.

First, I would like a "familiar routes" button. The way this would work - if you are using Waze navigation to get from where you are to a destination, then when using the "familiar route" option,Waze would provide warnings and other information along my route, but would omit audible turn by turn instructions that I don't need. I find myself using Waze for every drive, no matter where I am going. However, I do not need turn by turn navigation instructions for my common routes and other places where I already know how to get there. But I do want notification of problems, traffic, police, etc. As well, it is helpful to see the estimated time of arrival and number of miles remaining.

Second, it would be nice if I could indicate the traffic is flowing freely on a route that is marked on the map as being congested. I have noticed there are times when the route shows on Waze as congested, but when I am driving it, traffic is moving fine. This button would advise other users that the congestion information (i.e. the color of the roadway) might not be accurate. I envision that this button would come up as one of the buttons when reporting traffic problems. Along these lines, I'm not sure I really understand the difference between heavy traffic and stopped traffic. I suspect most users are using one or the other frequently regardless of the true condition. You could probably get rid of one of those two buttons and things would be just fine.
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