Allow Waze to be default app for Navigation on Android

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Allow Waze to be default app for Navigation on Android

Postby jdashton » Sat Apr 13, 2013 3:09 pm

On my smartphone running Android 4.1.2 I cleared the default app setting for Navigation. Now when I visit Google Now and select to navigate to an appointment, I get a menu of options, but those options don't include Waze.

I would like to make Waze the default app for Navigation. However, unless I'm missing some setting, Waze isn't telling Android that it is capable of being the default app for navigation.

It looks like the first step in the process would be for Waze developer to modify the AndroidManifest file for the section which tells Android that Waze can be the default navigation app.

Is this already possible? Is there some other setting that I've failed to notice?

Thanks and regards,

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