Waze routing "is always learning"

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Re: Waze routing "is always learning"

Postby TK80866 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 9:16 am

I actually never even experienced Waze letting me drive through certain unmunched roads when I use the munch option, even if there is a road parallel to the route I have to follow, so I just do it manually if I feel like it.

But, anyways, you shouldn't be worried.. Waze is learning the time it takes for someone to drive over small parts of the road, the average speeds, direction you drive and all that. It just measures these things between the junctions, so the more you go out of your way for your normal route, the more Waze learns and sees if he can direct someone over those newly munched roads next time, or if that would take them longer instead.
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Waze routing "is always learning"

Postby FreeMan12 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:51 am

Every time I select a destination, I see the humorous note that Waze may not have optimal routing, and is still learning. I can accept that, and I think it's a great feature of the product. I get a nagging feeling, however, that when I've selected 'maximum munching' in my routing options that I'm really screwing up waze's database of routing information.

Can anyone confirm whether or not 'maximum munching' information is used in calculating whether a particular route is good or not? If it is, it should be excluded, or the 'maximum munching' option should be removed because all we're doing by confirming roads is screwing up the routing tables.
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