Update Speeds by Timeslot in Cartouche

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Update Speeds by Timeslot in Cartouche

Postby Ajh16 » Mon Oct 18, 2010 1:56 pm

It should be possible to update speeds for a road in a given time slice from Cartouche to be able to enter common knowledge information about a road in to the system directly. For example, I am constantly being told to take a road that has chronic congestion problems that takes about 15 times longer than an alternate route that travels parallel to it. Most knowledgeable drivers avoid this section of road during rush hour for this reason and I don't have time to drive the road a bunch of times in order to hope Waze will pick up on it when such a faster route is available. I need a way to be able to enter this information in to the system manually. (Ideally seasonal entry capability would be good to as the traffic is the worst when college is in session as most of it comes from a community college that it is directly near.)
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