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Re: [Page Update] Glossary

Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:31 am

I agree with sketch’s proposal as well as voludu2’s addition.

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Re: [Page Update] Glossary

Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:56 am

We have updated the Glossary with all accepted suggestions submitted since the fall of 2015. Thank you all for your suggestions. Even if your specific suggestion was not accepted, it likely helped to correct or update an existing entry.

In addition to the suggestions, we have made well over 100 changes in the Glossary, including link updates, new entries, corrections, revised and/or corrected cross-links, and description updates.

You can easily see the latest changes using the sort arrows in the "Dates" column of the Glossary.

Many thanks to PesachZ for all his follow up work to correct my errors before publishing this latest edition of the Glossary! As usual he has also contributed to the content of this edition.

Although I am still on hiatus, I intend to update the Glossary more frequently to help minimize the error potential.

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Re: [Page Update] Glossary

Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:09 pm

The Glossary was updated as of 2016-02-02T14:09:00‎ UTC, with about 50 entry changes. Remember to sort on the "Dates" column to view the latest changes.

Some changes were the result of contributions from our newest members of the Glossary content editing team, Machete808, and voludu2! Thanks much for your welcomed help!

These volunteers will be helping to update a number of Glossary entries that are still without Descriptions and a few that are still without links.

While a few Waze related Add-ons, Extensions, and Scripts have recently been added, we also plan to review others that are missing since last summer's Glossary edition.

As of the last edition, PesachZ add a new "Stats" feature into the "Glossary" entry of the Glossary.
(It was a gift to us to knock off another item from my never ending ToDo list!) Thanks again PZ!

The stats for this edition are as follows:
555 Total Entries
327 Main Term Entries
117 Abbreviation Entries
77 Alias Entries

These entries are now 83% complete, or 91% partially complete, discounting missing descriptions.

Since we try to add new entries as quickly as possible, their descriptions and links may not be complete on initial insertion into the Glossary.

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Re: [Page Update] Glossary

Sun Aug 07, 2016 4:42 am

Thank you to everyone who has submitted Glossary changes via the form linked below.

While my hiatus from Waze is still partially in play, I made time to finally update the Glossary spreadsheet in the past few days.

The Glossary was then quickly imported into the Wiki and published by PesachZ yesterday and again today as of 2016-08-07, 03:09 UTC.

This edition includes all user submissions via the form below since mid February 2016.

We have also added or corrected a number of content items such as terms, abbreviations, alias, and descriptions.

A number of additional issues were also identified for which changes were postponed from this edition so that an updated Glossary could be published quicker.

Remember to sort on the "Dates" column to view the latest changes.

The stats for this edition are as follows:
584 Total Entries 29 up from 555 previous
343 Main Term Entries, up 16 from 327 previous
158 Abbreviation Entries, up 41 from 117 previous
83 Alias Entries, up 6 from 77 previous

These entries in the Glossary are now 84.9% complete, or 91.6% partially complete, discounting incomplete descriptions.

Note these percentages can go down when new terms are added without descriptions or links.

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Re: [Page Update] Glossary

Tue Aug 30, 2016 11:10 pm

Hello Glossary followers.

Without me even asking for it, PesachZ has created a great Google Sheet script for the Glossary spreadsheet to make the publishing process almost a one button process! This was quite the gift, as we often waited for several Glossary Entry changes before we would take the effort to publish a new version. The previous method required multiple steps including massaging the code from the spreadsheet to be compatible with wiki code.

This new "PZ Tool" even publishes new Glossary changes to both the old Waze Wiki and the new Wazeopedia in the same script to keep both wikis in sync.

Similar to how the Wazebot "wb Glosssary [term]" command now searches the Glossary in the Wazeopedia, we have also updated the Glossary Bookmarklet as well, to now search the Wazeopedia, instead of the Waze Wiki.

Glossary Bookmarklet: https://wazeopedia.waze.com/wiki/USA/Bo ... ry_Entries

Wazebot: https://wazeopedia.waze.com/wiki/USA/Glossary#Wazebot

The latest Glossary edition represents over half a dozen glossary changes since early August.

Always remember to sort on the "Dates" column to view the latest changes.

The stats for this edition are as follows:
593 Total Entries, up 9 from 584 previous
347 Main Term Entries, up 4 from 343 previous
163 Abbreviation Entries, up 5 from 158 previous
83 Alias Entries, up 0 from 83 previous
No stats are available for other changes, such as corrections, descriptions and link changes.

The entries in the Glossary are now 85.8% complete, or 91.9% partially complete, discounting incomplete descriptions.

Entries are considered complete when terms, abbreviations, alias', links and cross-references have been established for a given Glossary entry. Missing descriptions are added gradually as time permits.

Note these percentages can go down when new terms are added without links and cross-references.

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Re: [Page Update] Glossary

Fri Apr 24, 2020 5:05 pm

After encouragement from our Staff Community Manager and others, I am considering the resumption of the Glossary updates, if my current personal situation evolves into early forced retirement.

A few years ago I had created an elaborate spreadsheet that integrated the original 87 glossary words (compiled by others) into my concept for a new Glossary project that would greatly increase its scope of features and content that expanded to over 662 entries. (see the Glossary intro in Wazeopedia for scope and content details via links below)

Before it was released to Wazeopedia (the Waze Wiki at the time), PesachZ created the code and script to convert the source spreadsheet into wiki code for Wazeopedia, using templates created by kentsmith9. PesachZ also created a handy and efficient script that greatly simplified that conversion and upload part of the Glossary updating by automating the entire conversion and upload process. Unfortunately, after a Google update, that script failed to function.

Therefore, the process to update the Glossary had become much more difficult after the last Glossary update in November of 2018.

As of 2020-04-21 in an effort to investigate the resumption of Glossary updates, I have:
- started to refamiliarize myself with the entire manual spreadsheet to wiki conversion, and upload process to update the Glossary.
- improved some wording in the Wazeopedia Glossary intro.
- improved documentation within the Glossary source spreadsheet.
- performed some basic manual updates to the Glossary.

PesachZ also created the Glossary Google Form that we use to accept suggestions for changes and additions for updates to the Glossary. All past submissions via the form are still intact and will be needed to be reviewed for possible future inclusion.

Because so many aspects of the Glossary project are rather complex, only myself, PeseachZ and kentsmith9 can update the Glossary spreadsheet and perform the conversion and upload process.

Others have volunteered to help the project in the past, and recently others have also shown interest. These editors were granted temporary view access to the Glossary spreadsheet so that they can better understand the complexity of the project.

It will be important to investigate how we can employ the talent of these Waze editors to move forward with this project.

If you are interested in contributing to the glossary project, please follow this forum thread for possible developments.

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Re: [Page Update] Glossary

Fri Aug 17, 2018 6:15 pm

I re-proposed all these in the Google form

[Page Update] USA Glossary

Thu Oct 15, 2015 9:01 pm

This thread is being set up to track any proposed glossary changes. Note that the glossary itself also enables anyone to propose simple changes or additions, but you can also do it here. If there are more significant changes, this is a good place to discuss them.

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Re: [Page Update] Glossary

Wed Feb 07, 2018 6:52 pm

I'm good with those suggestions.

Re: [Page Update] Glossary

Fri Feb 02, 2018 6:20 pm

A node is defined in the New American Oxford Dictionary as "a point at which lines or pathways intersect or branch; a central or connecting point." In other words, a node is a point at which one or more segments meet.

When you select a node (a so-called "junction"), WME says "ONE NODE SELECTED" at the top.

Yet, according to the glossary entry for "node", there are "five different types" of nodes. They are labeled as follows: "Endpoint Node", "Geometry Node", "Inter-geometry Node", "Dead-end Node", and "Junction"... The so-called "junction" is the only thing in the Waze map that actually fits the definition of a "node" and is specifically named as such by the WME interface.

First, the entire concept of the "endpoint node" and "two endpoint nodes meeting" to create a junction is convoluted and confusing. When you join two segments, they meet at one node. It's not some confluence of segment parts, it's a single node. It has one ID number in the backend. It says "ONE NODE SELECTED" when you select it. You cannot remove a segment from another segment and get its "endpoint node" back. A new node is created.

A "dead-end node" is just a node that has only one segment connected to it. It's not any different than any other node, which can have any number of segments connected to it without changing what it fundamentally is. This is not a different type of node, it's just a name given to a node which is in a particular situation.

Then, there's the so-named "geometry node", the name of which is a mistake made a very long time ago and never corrected. These are not nodes. These are handles. Something you grab to move something else around. "Grab that handle and drag the segment over here". They don't connect anything to anything else. Their only function is to manipulate the shape and location of something, whether a segment or an area place (or even a map comment).

I'm also not sure why the definition of "Junction" is this... "The method to convert a divided highway into a single two-way segment.
This formerly been referred to as Un-Split, but the use of that term has been deprecated." Seems like a mistake. This is the definition for "un-divide".

So, here's what I propose:

Junction node
A node is a point at the end of one or more segments. When a segment and another segment meet, they meet at a node.

A [[dead-end node]] is a node that is connected to only one segment.

See also [[geometry handle]], formerly known as "geometry node".

Dead-end node
A dead-end node is a node that is connected to only one segment. Dead-end nodes are found on dead-end roads.

See the Node Glossary Term
Also see the Fixing Dead End Nodes Wiki Page
Related entries: Junction

See Node.

Geometry handle
formerly known as geometry node, geonode
When editing a segment, area place, or area map comment, large white circles appear at points along the segment or along the edge of the area where the segment or edge changes direction ultimately altering its shape. Click and drag them individually to alter the geometry of the segment or area. Press the d key while the mouse is hovered over a geometry handle to delete the handle. Alternatively, hold the d key and then move the mouse over the handles you want to delete. The smaller white circles between geometry handles are "inter-geometry" handles. When you click and drag an inter-geometry handle, it becomes a geometry handle, and two more inter-geometry handles appear halfway between the new geometry handle and the next nearest geometry handles (or segment endpoints) on either side.

See also the Node Glossary Term
See the Editing existing roads Wiki Page

Related entries: Inter-geometry handle

Inter-geometry handle
formerly known as Inter-geometry node
A "grab handle" that allows you to create a new geometry handle. When you drag an inter-geometry handle, it bends the segment at that point; when you release it, the inter-geometry handle will become a new geometry handle.
Inter-geometry handles appear on segments and along the edges of area places and area map comments. They will only appear when the segment/place/comment is selected and the mouse is hovering over it. They appear midway between each existing pair of adjacent geometry handles, allowing you to adjust the shape midway between existing bends. In the case of segments, they also appear midway between each end of the segment and the first existing geometry handle on either end, or, if there are no existing geometry handles, midway in the segment.

See the Geometry Handle Glossary Term
See also the Node Glossary Term
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