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Postby skejpa » Fri Jun 29, 2018 11:34 am

Hello guys.

I have a few tips for your development both for app and Android Auto version of this app.

I have been using Waze throw Android Auto over past few months and here are things which drives me nuts all the time:

1. routes preview - if you find some destination in waze app, you can look at the map and check if you really want to chose the way waze suggests you as the best. In android auto version you have also 3 types of routes but no map preview so you really dont know, where the road goes.

2. when you are on the way to destination and you want to find some nearest gas station or fast food, in app you can just add some stop - it will find what you are looking for and suggests you the nearest stops from your route. Not in Waze Android Auto version. This is nonsense. In critical situations you have to disconnect phone, look for it in waze app and then connect back. Rly ? This is the safety of AA ? Even gas stations does not work completely becouse if you have a company car, you cant use any gas station. Lets say you are looking fo Shell / BP / ...in your route or close. In AA its impossible.

3. add more voice commands like "find another way" etc.

Then i have few tips for waze app in general:
1. when i go some way Waze dont know and i am much quicker there (probably becouse the way is free and you can go there much faster), the app does not learn. It will still push the old slow way.
Guys rly, u have the data, use it.

2. add small track avoidance. You can go to destination over 300km far away and waze will suggest 3 routes. OK, so you pick one and in the first third there is huge traffic. Put there some option to use only small route adjustments and stay on the desired route. It can be only 5km difference which can probably look slower but in the real traffic its much faster. I have to find a ways all the time for those small changes of main route. Waze just cant recommend those small changes of route.

3. Add there option to pick route which have to go throw some point. Lets say i want to go 500km but i want to go throw some village (from any reason - maybe i like the roads around). Or i want to visit sea and i have to go throw state where i own coupon for highways. etc.

These should be implemented becouse its things people deal every day...
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