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Before posting - search forum / wiki / status page

Postby RallyChris » Fri Nov 11, 2011 10:12 pm

(This was posted globally so I didn't have to copy/paste it a several times. Excuse that it is not translated in the other languages categories.)

Please use good forum etiquette.

Most questions have been asked before. So please...

Review the Waze status page. Waze attempts to place the big issues on this page, and what the current status is.

Search to see if your question has been asked before:
Read the FAQ
Also check the nanoRep support page - this is where Waze updates all FAQs and the way to escalate questions to support
Use forum search -- searches all posts, but common word searches may fail
Or google site search -- Search may return more relevant results, but recent post may not be indexed yet

Read the wiki (community driven documentation for waze). Since this is written by the waze community, some things may be out of date, but the wiki is modifiable by anyone, so if you find new information, please feel free to help the community out by updating it, or you can try to get the attention of one of community experts to help updated it for everyone.

If you do post:
if the issue is client based... please supply phone type, and version you are running
if it is a route or map issue, please supply a permalink and details that will help people NOT familiar with the area.

Please note that the official waze support staff is fairly small, so most help is provided by a very active community of waze users. If you fail to follow the above requests, don't expect long answers. They try to be helpful and courteous, but after the 20th "My points are not updating" post. Answers may get terse.

As of this posting, there are some issues small and major going on for waze (mostly growth issues), so if you at least review the status page, and other forum posts, you can then post only about new issues. Less repeat posts, translate into better answers to your questions.
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