New Android beta version-

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New Android beta version-

Postby perlin » Thu Feb 16, 2012 1:16 pm

Hi guys,

Download here:


* This version is focused mostly on stability fixes:
- Fixed crash on shutdown
- Fixed crash when tapping Tel numbers in search results
- Fixed crash when waze is running in background (phone calls, mail, etc )
* ICS/Galaxy Nexus issues

We are aware that there are still open bugs and issues, most of them reported by you, and we're working as fast as we can on fixing them.
But It was important to us to quickly release this beta, that overcomes the many crashes version 3.0 had.

Known issues:
* Current route is canceled upon viewing alternate routes
* Next turn direction during roundabout incorrect on certain cases
* No voice guidance for making 'U-turn' in a roundabout
* Events loop (while stopped) exceeds the event radius defined in general settings
* When connected to Car Dock, only splash screen is displayed
* Text in search bar disappears when toggling between portrait and landscape
* No search button in Sony Ericsson devices (temporary solution: turn to landscape or double-click "Enter".)
* Prefer an upgrade over erasing the previous version first. If you want to do a fresh install, delete all waze data from your SD card (after deleting the previous version) and only then install this beta.

Features that omitted and will return in future versions:
* Navigation list
* Update house numbers via phone

* Don't forget to mention your device + OS version + ROM when you share your feedback. It will help us to analyze problems/bugs. If you encounter any crash, please send logs ASAP.

You can share your feedback here:

Thank you!
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