New Waze Map Editor version - (both servers)

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New Waze Map Editor version - (both servers)

Postby shirlig » Mon Apr 09, 2012 3:37 pm

Hi Wazers,
We're happy to announce that we have just uploaded the new Waze Map Editor version to both NA and INTL servers.
The new version contains a lot of bug fixes and improvements:

1. Point calculation changes to prevent cheating

* Users are granted points per object only once in a time frame. That means that users will get points for the first time they have edited a specific object. If they edit the same object again, they will not be granted points for the same object during a certain time frame. This is the main change implemented in order to avoid users from getting a huge amount of points by repeatedly performing the same transaction of edits which is the common scenario we found when we have investigated suspicious behaviors in users points/ ranks .

2. Fix order of drives in archive.

3. Fix "reverse connectivity" issue (both allow/disallow all turns and splitting a segment).
(There was a problem when allowing / disallowing all turns that the system ignored the road directions and might have allowed the navigation also if the road was one way to the other direction. This problem has been fixed).

4. Change Update Requests' email texts, now containing a comment explaining that the fixed problem take effect only on the next map update and links to the forums and to the wiki.

5. Color coding (red/orange/yellow) of map problems according to the number of drives in which the problem was detected.

6. Color coding (red/orange/yellow) of map update requests according to age of the request.

thanks for sharing your feedback here :)
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