Infrastructure updates!

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Infrastructure updates!

Postby eshabtai » Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:05 pm

I'm sure you've all noticed that it's been a while since we updated our tiles in the US (and in the world server we were also delaying the build for a while).
The reason is an update to the tiles infrastructure that we are about to deploy. We plan to start in the US and then roll it in world as well.
In the process of this update we've built all of the different tiles of data both those that are pulled by the client and those that our backend uses.
This is a pretty major change which we plan to deploy next week in the US. Here's the plan:

- First we're deploying it for the client and routing backends. At this point you should not notice much difference.
- Then we'll deploy it for the map editor. At this stage we'll have to stop the editing and drive processing for a day. When this process ends the editor will use the new tiles. The old tiles have different incosistencies in them and you've been getting different error messages due to sync issues. Once we switch to the new tiles these errors should be eliminated and the editing process should improve.
- At this point we plan to deploy this to the world server as well.

The new infrastructure also improves both our redundancy and performance so you should expect improvements with the routing service.
This change is the first step in improving the speed of the map updates. We still need to make some more changes after this deployment but eventually the map updates will be much faster. I will provide more updates and details on this once we're ready.


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