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New points system

Post by krankyd

It's been a long process but the new points system is now in place.
The same ratios (listed below) are in effect for all wazers around the world. Most likely you'll notice that your points total is now lower than before, and also that your rank has changed. Some will gain, some will lose, but over all we think that this is a fair way that will reward all wazers.

As mentioned before, we put a lot of thought into this change in order to guarantee that we encourage people for all different activities of waze; driving, recording, map editing, and reporting.
You can read more in our blog article here

Here is how the new points are distributed:

Record new roads = 1 point for every 25 meters
Road munching = 1 point for every 100 meters
Existing roads (just driving with waze) = 1 point for every 312.5 meters
Existing roads (while driving offline) = 1 point for every 625 meters

Map updates (general) = 8 points for every 5 map edits
Resolve update requests = 3 points for every update requests that is updated
Address (house numbers) update = 3 points for every house number added
Street names = 3 points for every street naming

Forum points = 2 points for every 3 posts
Driving alerts = 6 point for every report
Commenting on alerts: 3 point for every comment
Gifts = previous gift value is now worth 1/5 of its original (100 points road goodie >> 20 points). New gifts will have 1:1 value.

New stars steps:
1 star = 3000 points
2 stars = 15000 points
3 stars = 60000 points
4 stars = 180000 points
5 stars = 360000 points

PLEASE NOTE: we have a problem with the stars display on the web, so for now we removed the stars from the dashboard and the community page. From the client, the stars are still working fine and according to these new numbers.
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