Waze Biweekly community newsletter (26.8.2012)

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Waze Biweekly community newsletter (26.8.2012)

Postby jonypony » Sun Aug 26, 2012 2:40 pm

Welcome to the first Waze newsletter!
(We plan to post a new one every 2 weeks, which will include updates, announcements and more.)

Gas stations
As you know, we released version 3.2 that includes updating of gas-stations and gas prices. The service was initially launched in the U.S., followed by Brazil, The UK, Israel and Latvia – In Italy, Spain, France and Germany we are still collecting the data prior to a full deployment.
Please note that you can help this process by adding missing stations or editing the existing ones. Once we have the full data in a specific country the service will be deployed there as well.

Toll Roads
As part of the latest release of the map editor we also enabled the collection of toll-road data. Once we have 90% coverage of the toll-road data in a specific country - we will enable the 'avoid toll-roads' feature in the client for that specific country.
Countries in which we have already enabled the feature on the client are:
Czech Republic
The Netherlands
The United Kingdom

New Map Editor
-A new version of the editor is now in its beta stage. It contains most of the necessary changes and updates needed for us to retire the old Cartouche.
It will have an improved UI, segment indicators, house numbering, alternate street names and bug fixes.

Self-Management of Area-managers
We are trying to make the process of becoming an Area-Manager more 'localized' and 'self-controlled'.
The main objective is to let the Waze-champs/CM/senior-managers discuss, approve or deny and manage requests for area-management. This includes both an existing AM asking to increase the area s/he is currently managing or a new user who would like to become an area manager for the first time.
So far Italy, Hungary and Malaysia have already started managing their communities. The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland & Spain are getting ready to make the change as well.

We would like to welcome our new, fast-growing community in Brazil for which we've opened a dedicated sub-forum in Portuguese. Bem-vindo à Waze!!!

We would also like to welcome our Bulgarian community with their very own sub-forum. добре дошли в Waze!

Same with our community in Croatia - Dobrodošli Waze!

Our Hawaiian community also got their own sub-forum – congratulations!

Congratulations to daknife & Buchet37for reaching the VERY exclusive club of Wazers with over 1 million points(!!!)

More congratulations for the newest members of the 200K map-edits club: Shaigan, kentsmith9, antigerme & andrewfatcat.
(if we forgot anyone, please let us know.)

Waze in the news
Huffington Post

See you again for the next update
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