"On The Road" - Waze's Biweekly newsletter (9.9)

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"On The Road" - Waze's Biweekly newsletter (9.9)

Postby jonypony » Sun Sep 09, 2012 10:55 am

Hi everyone!
Welcome to "On The Road" - the Waze Biweekly newsletter.
Let's get started!

Toll Roads
Since the last newsletter, toll-road avoidance has also been enabled in the U.S.
-Panama & Brazil are almost ready!
*Reminder: once we have 90% coverage of the toll-road data in a specific country - we will enable the 'avoid toll-roads' feature in the client for that specific country, and this is where we need your help – our mapping communities.

Server upgrades
The North America servers went through some upgrades on September 4th, the North American map tiles are updated up to the 2nd of September.
This should return the USA/Canada maps to regular updates and prevent future backlogs, and hopefully – everything will run more smoothly.

Self-Management of Area-managers
We're continuing to make the process of becoming an Area-Manager more 'localized' and 'self-controlled'.
The main objective is to let the Waze-champs/CM/senior-managers discuss, approve or deny and manage requests for area-management. This includes both an existing AM asking to increase the area s/he is currently managing or a new user who would like to become an area manager for the first time.
Congratulations to The UK, our newest community to have self-management!
So far, the following countries have started to manage their respective countries:

The Netherland

(Spain & Belgium are almost ready to make the transition, too)

Our community in the Philippines just got their own forum in Filipino!
Maligayang pagdating sa Waze!

We've got a new Facebook fanpage (link) in Sweden! Why not give them a "Like" ? ;)

Special thanks
One dedicated Waze-Champ (I'm talking about you, WeeeZer14) has updated our Wiki page and added a huge amount of information about traffic & red-light cameras.
Check it out!

Another Champ (Dave2084) made an awesome guide for making landmarks, and while it's labeled “United Kingdom”, most of it applies to the entire world!
You can find it here.

Congratulations to Spil, Plumaveloz & Calandraca for reaching the VERY exclusive club of Wazers with over 1 million points(!!!)

More congratulations for the newest members of the 200K map-edits club: LittlestLou.
(if we forgot anyone, please let us know.)

Waze in the news
LA Times
USA Today
Huffington Post

See you again for the next update :mrgreen:
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