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new maps of France and Germany - update

Post by krankyd
EDIT: you should be able to see the new maps of Germany and France on your waze clients right now!! However, the process will be completely over only by tomorrow.


As most of you know / have seen, the new maps of Germany and France are already available on the cartouche, but not on the livemap / client maps yet.
Since this is a new and complicated process for us, it took us a little longer to finish the process, but we wanted to update you that we are almost done. The new maps should be available within the next 24 hours or so, if all goes well.

We will also have an official announcement about the new maps, including some new treasure hunt games, next week. So keep following our blog for some cool stuff to come ahead.
Thank you all for your patience!
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Post by robin1979
Thanks for your hard work guys! Much appreciated!

BTW: why is there such a huge difference in road classifications between Germany and France?
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Post by PeterG
krankyd wrote:including some new treasure hunt games, next week. So keep following our blog for some cool stuff to come ahead.
Should I stop editing and connecting roads to see some of these here? Last times no road munchies appeared here; perhaps because all roads were already named and connected :roll: !?


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Post by zzyzxuk

Thanks for the information - a lot of us really wanted to know what was happening, and although we knew that the reason we weren't hearing from you was that you were busy making really cool new things for us, it got a bit frustrating not knowing what was happening.

Are you able, at all, to give us UK wazers some hint about timelines for future updates? Many of us have stopped recoding/editing because it seems rather pointless if it's about to happen automatically.
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Post by ruppia
Thanks a lot guys
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Post by erasme
Good job ! I'm waiting for french maps.... I've just used Waze this morning in the south of the france and I found 3 new users !
Maybe we could help to translate in french ?

Thanks a lot, really !
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