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Waze Editors Community- Survey Results and Dashboard 2019

Post by shirapashu
Hi Waze editors!

TL;DR We’d like to start with a huge THANK YOU for taking the time to answer the survey!

Please check out our fascinating Survey Dashboard-
*In order to keep survey results confidential, access is granted upon request. Please click on Request Access. Approval takes up to 2 working days.
*Once in the dashboard, you can choose to see all results of filter by editor level.
Survey results highlights and next steps:

Who answered the survey?
:arrow: 1,431 editors from 33 countries
:arrow: Top 5 countries: USA, Brazil & France, Netherlands & Belgium

Level & Activity:
:arrow: 70% of the editors edit the map at least a few times a week
:arrow: 48% of the editors visit the Waze forum at least a few times a week

Community Satisfaction:
:arrow: 83% are satisfied with the Waze community!
:arrow: 80% are satisfied with the Waze local leadership
:arrow: 67% answered that the Waze staff are approachable

Community Motivation:
:arrow: Altruism is the highest motivator for participation in the Waze community:
My contributions help other Wazers on the road

:arrow: Fun is the second motivator for participation in the Waze community:
Editing the map by itself is enjoyable

Top 5 insights from the open answers:
:arrow: Waze local leadership should be more proactive and initiate more ongoing communication
:arrow: Waze leadership should be more dynamic
:arrow: Difficulty in progressing within the community, the map is locked too high
:arrow: Community Managers should interact more with the community
:arrow: New editors should have more editing resources

Next steps:
:arrow: Each Community Manager should set office hours or schedule a webinar with their communities in order to discuss results and required improvements
:arrow: In June 2020, we’ll run a follow up survey to check current community status and compare with previous results

Thank you again for your amazing cooperation!
Shira, on behalf of the Communities team
Waze Team
Waze Team
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