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New community role - 'Community Booster

Post by HeziBez
Hey All,

After a couple of months of research, internal discussions and round tables calls with 18 editors who help build new communities around the world, we are super excited to introduce to you the COMMUNITY BOOSTER role.


An editor from one country who is involved in a form of guidance or mentoring and helps lead the build of a strong, thinking, independent community in another country.

This is a new (but existing) community role:
**Existing - because today we have already champs and editors who help building new communities around the globe, and we think it is a great opportunity to acknowledge their contribution and make it official
**New - because there are still a lot of places to explore, and we invite all of you to think globally, and take an active part in the creation of new communities.

:arrow: GOAL -

The ‘Booster’ role has two main goals -
**Short term: To have an initial growth and map development in the boosted country
**Long term: To have a stable local users and editors community in order to be self managed


LEVEL - A Booster must be Level 4 and above. Yet, As not all level 4 editors are aligned with their skills and knowledge, and different countries have different conditions for promotion, these should also be taken into account.

SKILLS - A Booster should have proficiency in:
*Soft skills: communication, adaptability to approach a different culture.
*Strong leadership
*Waziness: In depth knowledge of the WME and map editing practices. In addition general overview of the different product-related areas, and current topics and projects in Waze. it will be important to also know the relevant teams who are handling those topics.
**Language - English is essential for communication with the local community, the global community and Waze staff. In addition Knowing the local language of the boosted country is an extra parameter to take into account.
*Social Media - To be used as a platform for exposing the community in the new location


Unlike other roles in the Waze community, the role for ‘Community Booster’, can only be a self nomination.
As we believe that the booster role is very challenging and we wish to have a community booster with the right passion for the role and any kind of connection to the boosted country.

If you think you have what it takes please fill out this Nomination Form. ( Form will also be shared on the announcements forum)

Decision Making:
Before the final decision, the Staff Community Managers can consult with:
*The Communities Team
*Other community leads from the nominee’s country: Global/Local Champs, Coordinators and Boosters.
This is the community Booster - Nomination information spreadsheet, where you’ll be able Enable Notifications and see when new nominees are added. Also listed will be the SCM who is handling the nomination and a date to provide “open feedback”. If you have support or concerns about a given nominee, you are welcome to email it to the SCM within the feedback timeframe.

Starting today all communication around boosters will be handled in the ‘community boosters forum’. Feel free to join, we have more info shared there.

:arrow: BADGE -
Our new community booster badge is your way to know who is a booster in the forum. Here it is:
Untitled presentation (2).jpg
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We want to take this opportunity and thank all of the editors and champs who took part in the thinking process of this role: Marcin_S, Dutchdirt, sstuff3, Moweez, Asterix06, Fermario73, Jtriana77, DaveKS14, Orbit, Nomenclator1677, kpouer, drslump34 Electrochock1974, RhRiri, woodvale, boonie-oet-gelaen, rdnnk and Arnoniem

Let us know if you have any questions or comments,

Tamar and Hezi
On behalf of the communities team
Waze Team
Waze Team
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