On The Road – Waze bi-weekly newsletter (3.4.2013)

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On The Road – Waze bi-weekly newsletter (3.4.2013)

Postby jonypony » Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:19 pm

(Hey Wazers, this is a big one)

Editor update
Our editor (commonly known as the WME) has been updated and received a face-lift and now map problems and reports get a distinct look, plus it's clearer to recognize soft turns.
Editor updates
neweditor.png (317.82 KiB) Viewed 10357 times

And most importantly – you can now add house-numbers to your streets.
The numbers are still not searchable (meaning you won't be able to search for them in the client or the livemap, yet), since there simply isn't enough of them mapped.
This is why we need your help in adding them.

Canada Provinces
As part of our plan to enable states/provinces in countries outside of the USA, we've enabled that option in Canada.
Canadian Wazers – you'll now see a “state” field when editing addresses, and don't worry – we already pre-filled the province names for most of the existing roads.

Know your Champs
We'd like to start a new segment in which we'll introduce you to the Waze Champs in a more personal manner, and we though a short interview would be a great way to do that.
This week we'll start with one of our Champs from the United Kingdom – dmcconachie:

(Waze) -Hi, dmcconachie.
So what's your REAL name?
(dmcconachie) - Darren McConachie
rsz_dm.jpg (4.88 KiB) Viewed 10357 times

(W) And what do you do in life? (D) I'm an Investment Analyst (Corporate Debt).
(W) What is your rank/role in Waze: (D) Waze Global Champ and UK Country Coordinator.
(W) How long have you been using Waze: (D) 3 years.
(W) So when did you start editing? (D) I've been editing Since day 2 (3 years).
(W) What would you say is your Favorite Waze feature: (D) Drive-sharing.
(W) Tell us about your Biggest accomplishment in Waze:
(D) In June of 2011, a £700m ($1.06b !!!) project to extend the M74 in Scotland was completed. Using engineer's plans I was able to map this in Waze and time the update to coincide with the opening of the extension. On day 1, Waze was the only Sat Nav to route along the new road correctly. Other sources took months to catch up.
(W) WOW, that's impressive! Now let's get dirty – what's your Biggest pet peeve in Waze:
(D)Lack of knowledge amongst Wazers as to what constitutes a Speed Camera.
(W) Care to tell us about your favorite Waze moment?:
(D)Last year I set off in a convoy of 2 cars from Edinburgh to Padstow, a journey of some 500 miles and almost 9 driving hours. Roughly 75% of the way there we were notified (by Waze) of an accident on the M5 near Gloucester. The lead car was some 30 minutes ahead of us by this point and both of us were directed off the motorway towards Gloucester. The lead car got a little spooked and then chose to ignore Waze and take a more well-known detour whilst we headed deep into town. They could only look on as we steadily flanked them, rejoining the motorway some 40 minutes ahead of them. Neither of us have questioned Waze's instructions since.
(W) Awesome! Thanks Darren, for agreeing to be the first Champ to be interviewed.

Bringing Waze Home!

Hi guys, We're adding a new monthly column, brought to you by our head of Localization - Orit (you might have seen her posts in the localization forum as “orit_y”):

As Waze continues to grow at a rapid rate, a major priority of ours has been to introduce Waze in new countries, the natural result of which has been more and more localized communities of Wazers.

We're committed to giving drivers the best access to our product in their own language. Or as we describe it in tech-speak: "Localization!"
This means full text and voice features in local languages, implementing pronunciation rules, and making specific adaptations when needed.

From here on out, I'll be sending out monthly updates on the latest localization news, information & ideas -- direct from Waze HQ!
As always, we welcome your ideas and assistance in maximizing localization efforts in both new and existing communities.

So, let's get started!

The past month was both hectic and quite productive as we added 3 additional languages to Waze.

First was Turkish, as part of our efforts to jump-start the Turkish community and enable non-English speakers to experience Waze. To complete the package we also recorded Turkish voice prompts using our voice talent Yonca, all this was made possible thanks to the great help of the Turkish CM, orbitc.

Afrikaans soon followed, with the exemplary initiative of our South Africans CM Kuhlkatz & Chriseleven, Who decided to take matters into their own hands and personally completed the translation in just a few weeks!

Last was Malay, where our budding community decided early on that the Malay translation is a top priority and managed to recruit a team of translators, headed by the CM beliamuda. They are now constantly maintaining and improving the Translation.

As of today, we support 33 languages with more (Estonian, Greek & Thai) on the way!

An important part of our localization efforts, is giving each local community the option to know where they can fill up their tank, for the best price.
This is why we are happy to welcome Romania, the 27th country to have the gas station feature activated. Romanian Wazers can now update gas prices, save money and help their fellow drivers.
So who's next? the Portugal Wazers are hard at work to complete mapping their country's gas stations.

As for more behind the scenes info, our guided tour video will soon be available in Japanese - helping onboard more Japanese users and showing them the ins and out of Waze around.

See you next month with more exciting news!”

Head of Localization

Self Management
Our communities in Slovakia & Czech Republic now are self-managed – meaning that the community leaders are in-charge of approving new area-managers, making the process easier and faster.

Map activity figures
We're going to start giving you guys some statistics every couple of week.
These stats will have information about changes in Waze and the quality of the maps internationally.
Here are some examples of what we're planning:
New editors.png
New editors
New editors.png (25.75 KiB) Viewed 10360 times

reported&resolved.png (27.18 KiB) Viewed 10356 times

resolved by rank.png
resolved by rank.png (13.11 KiB) Viewed 10356 times

Community & Social
Our friends in Turkey has a new and improved Facebook page, check it out.

While you're at it, check out the new Waze-Japan Facebook page, HERE. 歓迎

Congratulations to beffl, for joining the 200k club!
We'd also like to congratulate 5(!) new members into the 300k club: davipt, jdeyoung, doctorkb, bigbear3764 & tcm33 – well done, guys.
A huge congratulation to Joker40 for reaching 400k edits.
Our champ Spil got to 500k edits – fantastic.
And finally, another champ – OyyoDams, is racing through the achievements and has gotten 600k edits, congratulations!

Waze in the news

On the Web
NBC Chicago

See you in 2 weeks!
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