On the Road – Waze biweekly newsletter 21.4.2013

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On the Road – Waze biweekly newsletter 21.4.2013

Postby jonypony » Sun Apr 21, 2013 9:00 am

You can now edit basic u-turns in the WME.
Please note that the information is still not affecting navigation, as we're still in the data-gathering process.

Know your Champs
This week we're talking to Spil, a Waze champ from the U.S.A.:

-So let's start with your real name:
Jeff Spiller
spil.jpg (19.56 KiB) Viewed 6635 times

-What do you do in life?
Overnight Back-Room Inventory Associate, Walmart

-What's your rank & role in Waze?
Global Champ, US Champ, CM for US/Canada, AM for Western New York State, Android Client Beta Tester, Android Expert, WME Beta Expert, Points Expert.
-I bet that keeps you quite busy!

-And how long have you been a Wazer?
I first downloaded Waze in July 2011, but set it aside because it didn't work well on my BlackBerry Storm; when I upgraded to an Android phone in September 2011, I gave Waze another try and got completely hooked on it!
-Lucky for us, eh?

-You've been editing for how long?
18 months.

- So what's your favorite feature in Waze?
It's a tie: the ability to edit the maps of the areas that I travel; and the ability to send a quick text to my wife to let her know what time to expect me home from work (so that the kids can meet me at the car to unload the groceries!).

-Got any funny stories about Waze?
My kids think it's funny when I argue with Waze about the directions it gives me (especially since the older three know that it can't really hear me!). My fourth child (a 3-year-old) loves it when I drive over a road prize -- he shouts "CANDY!" every time he hears that distinctive sound!

-What do you consider your biggest accomplishment is, Waze-wise?
NY-17 / I-86 - editing this 397-mile freeway across the Southern Tier of New York State to reflect its true nature has been one of my pet projects ... and once NYSDOT finishes upgrading it (in another 2-3 years, per the latest projections), I'll finally be able to finish this task!

-What would you consider your least favorite thing about Waze?
Wazers who game the system to make themselves appear better or more important to Waze than they really are.

-What would you do if you didn't edit maps?
I'd have a lot more time to spend playing my instruments (piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and electric guitar), writing songs, and reading books (favorite authors: Ted Dekker, Frank Peretti, C. S. Lewis, Robert Ludlum)..

-Thanks Jeff!

Self Management
The following communities now manage their AM & CM distribution, and any new areas or expansion of previous areas should be submitted via the forum:
The United States of America
Singapore & Brunei (done via the Malaysian forum, for now).

Community & Social
Our friends in Arizona launched a Google+ page, check it out.

A big congratulations to doctorkb for reaching quite the milestone and joining the 1 million points club!
Kudos to mrgrumpy for reaching the 500K edits club.
Congratulatios are also in-order to nnote & steveningelbrecht for joining the 300K edits club.
And finally, to houstonmg, pjlasl & thiagob76 who joined the 200K edits club!

Waze in the news

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The Board Magazine
Northwest Indiana times
Inc Magazine
The Webby Awards
All Thing's D

See you in 2 weeks!
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