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Known Waze Service Issues (updated 28/08/2010 01:50)

Post by The Fej
[Corrected] 27/08/2010 - delay in creating Europe/Rest of the world tiles.
Due to a crash in the tiling process, which we are working on around the clock, the tiles are not updated. Drives are merged into the system and archive information is displayed, but tiles are not updated with changes done manually or otherwise.
Update: tile process has resumed, still it will take 2 days at least for tiles to appear updated.

26/08/2010 - problems editing the 'alt name' of new segments.
When editing a new road, the cartouche will only save the primary name and not the alt name. Only after the segment has a name (i.e. a new street was created), you can add the alt. name.

16/08/2010 18:30 - waze Foursquare badge - Problems on the Foursqaure server are preventing receiving the waze badge after 3 check-ins to different venues. They hope to have this corrected in 48 hours.

[Corrected] 16/08/2010 18:00 - ver 2.0 facebook and twitter issues - on the new version we have a problem with group tweets - they are not being sent out on the group's twitter account (after once has been created and edited into the group details).
Also, for users that don't have facebook friends using waze, we have a ready made script they can choose to post on their FB wall. Currently the posting doesn't work.
We are working on fixing both issues as we speak.

[Corrected] 10/08/2010 11:00 - GPS points were not uploaded to the cartouche. For this started on July 22nd, for this started on July 11th. The reason is performance issues due to many new GPS points and the system not being able to handle them with the current settings. We are revising the GPS points and will upload all the missing ones as soon as we have the improved architecture in place. The routes are still visible (from your archive), but you will not see any GPS points there.

[Corrected] 24/07/2010 15:00 we are aware of the missing aerial information on the site. As we are relying on a 3rd party providing us the service, we will check with them why we are not receiving the information. Will update when we have more information.

[Corrected] 23/07/2010 21:00 We had a downtime today between 16:38 GMT - 16:56 GMT on our European data center. Amazon had an internal problem in their data center and it affected our service. The system is currently up and running. Please notify us about any problem related to this issue.

[Corrected] 23/07/2010 17:06 we are aware of the reverse display in the forum when posting from We are looking to fix it.

[Corrected] 20/07/2010 18:30 - We have a backlog of drive tracks that we are pushing into the system currently. The backlog is due to a large amount of tracks and a problem that occurred due to the high numbers. Some drives from the 15th and on are still not merged but they will be merged over the next 24-48 hours. We'll update when all were resolved.
[Update 23/07/2010 17:06] drives until 20th are loaded and system handling the remaining days to reduce backlog.
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Waze Management
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