On The Road – Waze bi-weekly newsletter (5.5.2013)

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On The Road – Waze bi-weekly newsletter (5.5.2013)

Postby jonypony » Sun May 05, 2013 3:22 pm


We've made some changes and updates in the editor:
Segment locking by rank - instead of the old 'Lock' checkbox, there is now a pull down menu that enables you to choose the rank the segment(s) will be locked on. The lowest possisble is 1 but in the future will be according to the segment's traffic rank. The highest possible rank is your rank.
Auto-zoom to update requests replaced by a button - when clicking a map problem or a UR, the editor will no longer automatically reposition itself. Click the new 'show' button to zoom on the problem. We think this is less confusing than having the editor pan itself automatically, but let us know what you think.
Loading indication and error messages for drive list - there's an indication that a drive is loading and the editor is not stuck, and error message if there's a problem.
Hide u-turn arrows if segment is too short - if the segment is shorter than 75px there will be no confusing u-turn arrows.
In addition:
-Fixed save error when dragging the fraction point of a newly created house number
-Add "show" button to map problems (the same one we have for URs)
-Add the option to collapse the UR/map problems panel
-Links to wiki, forum, status page and keyboard shortcuts in sidebar

You can read and comment on the announcement, in the forum - here.

Waze World Meetup
We just had an amazing meetup with our global champs in Prague (that's in the Czech Republic), we got to hear about their thoughts, wishes and issues, and shared some of ours.
Prague Meetup.jpg
Prague meetup
Prague Meetup.jpg (47.11 KiB) Viewed 8024 times

”Bringing Waze Home” – a word from Orit about our localization efforts.

Hi Wazers, we meet again :)

April was yet another busy, productive month for us. We moved forward in enabling additional language choices throughout the app including navigation instruction (TTS) and web text. We activated Waze features in new countries and tested our localization abilities.

TTS (Text to Speech)
Wazers can now enjoy voice guidance including street names (TTS) in Russian and Thai. TTS is now available in these countries; Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia,Turkmenistan and Thailand!

This brings the total number of countries with TTS activated to over 90 countries in 13 different languages.

Waze Features
An important part of our localization efforts is giving each local community the option to choose whether or not they want to use toll roads. Thanks to the efforts of local communities we were able to activate the toll road feature in Russia and Bosnia & Herzegovina - great job Wazers!
As of today, the feature is activated in 21 countries.

More good news! Portuguese Wazers can now update gas prices, save money and help their fellow drivers. Let's welcome Portugal, the 28th country to have the gas station feature activated.

How are we doing?
Last but not least! We issued a satisfaction survey in which we tested the quality of translations in Portuguese_BR, French, Italian & Spanish. We asked users "How is Waze doing in recent efforts to translate the app into your language?" We received more than 11,000 replies! So, how do YOU think we did?

Answers chart
Chart.jpg (189.5 KiB) Viewed 8028 times

As you can see we are definitely improving our localization abilities and keeping Wazers happy! On average 45% of people asked, say that we are improving as opposed to only 2% who say we were losing our waze  :)
All of this great news is thanks to our amazing translation teams all over the world who aspire to perfection and are not far from it!
See you next month, I can't wait!

Orit, Head of Localization

Windows Phone 8 Beta
We've been quietly working on a Windows-Phone version for a while now, and it's finally in beta.
If you wish to participate in the beta, check out the requirements – HERE.

Know your Champs
This week we're talking to Shalafi, a Waze champ from Slovakia:

So, Shalafi, what's your real name?
Ján Sedláček 
shalafi.png (86.43 KiB) Viewed 8024 times

And what do you do in life?
I'm a Production support admin for the Base24 payments platform.
What's your role in Waze:
Global Champ and CM of Slovakia
How long have you been using Waze?
Since the 25th of November, 2009 - a few weeks after the INTL server was launched.
How long have you been editing?
Since the day I joined, as the "map" of Slovakia was 99% blank back then.
Can you share what's your favorite feature in Waze?
Being able to edit the maps - filling in the blank spots and correcting the errors. And the fact that you can see your edits and drive them in a few days.
I bet you have a funny Waze-related too:
There was only one active Wazer in Slovakia when I joined ("grafik") and we used to ICQ each other when we saw someone actually using Waze - "Look at Waze, there is one just now!". Usually we saw most of these other Wazers only once before they realized there are really no roads in the client and deleted the app (:
O.K., so what would you consider your biggest accomplishment here?
I would say the biggest accomplishment is staying with Waze from the dark ages up until now, seeing it through its ups and downs (and there were quite a few of those!). And I still believe this is the way to go.

So tell us what's your biggest pet-peeve when it comes to Waze:
 Absence of a true night mode (not just a dark map scheme, but the rest of the GUI as well).
What would you be doing if you weren't editing maps?
I would probably get more sleep at home and get more work done at the office (but shhh!). 
Anything you'd like to tell your fellow Wazers?
Thanks everyone at Waze for the amazing Champs' meetup in Prage, and to everyone else: stay tuned for more great stuff that is to come in the near future.
Thanks Jan!

Community & Social
The Australia community now has an official Facebook page.
Check it out.

Some congratulations are in-order:
A special congratulations to calandraca who passed the 3 million points mark!
We welcome daknife for hitting the 700K edits mark and joining the 700K club.
A huge shout-out to kensmith9 for reaching 2 million points & joining the 600K edits club.
techpyro & trev1881 joined the 300K club.
mpawlicki, lunarplexus & Nadril has gotten 200K edits.

Waze in the news

We won a Webby Award for best connected product!

All Things D

On the Web
Waze on Serbian news
Insurance Journal
Beta Beat,2
Washington Post
USA Today
PC Magazine
ABC 7 Denver
Charlotte Observer
Gadget Review
US Today

See you in 2 weeks!
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