On The Road – Waze bi-weekly newsletter (20.5.2013)

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On The Road – Waze bi-weekly newsletter (20.5.2013)

Postby jonypony » Mon May 20, 2013 1:47 pm

Hi Wazers!

New upcoming version
We're working on the next version of Waze, it's already in advance beta and will have a-few surprises, so stay alert!

New Rank
We will be adding a new rank to the system in a few days – level 6.
This rank will be reserved for users who have over 500,000 edits.

Self Management
India, Mexico & Sweden are now also part of the self-management project.
The champs from each respective country are in-charge of distributing areas to users who wish to become Area-Managers (AM).

Know your Champs
This week, we're talking to a Waze Champ from the USA - crazycomputingdotnet.

OK CCDN, let's start with your real name:
Jared Peacock
CCDN.png (75.93 KiB) Viewed 1857 times

And what do you do in life?
Helpdesk support/systems monitoring for the financial side of the FAA and computer/network repair/support/builds on the side.
Sounds like you're keeping busy!

Now, what's your rank and roles here in Waze?
(Takes deep breath) Global Champ, US Champ, AM for the greater Oklahoma City/Norman OK metroplex, AM for Pinellas County, Fl, editing expert, client expert, Social media expert, Android beta tester, annoyer of Waze staff.
Hahah, you know you don't annoy us!

So how long have you been a Wazer?
Since Nov 2011
O.K., and when did you start editing?
Around Feb 2012

How about sharing your favorite Waze feature?
Heavy traffic avoidance.  This has saved me multiple times, and I have in turn been the one in traffic helping others avoid the jam.  I also like how Waze can have the most accurate and updated maps.  If there is an editor on top of things in their area it makes Waze seem amazing to the casual users.  I know I have seen a lot of growth in OKC and I think the matureness and (mostly accurateness) of the map with new and realigned roads is a small fraction of this growth.  

Awesome, and I bet you have some funny stories about using Waze.
Well this is funny now but not as funny then...  Many months ago when Waze still had the trumpets for the candy eating sound my friends 7 year old got off the wrong school bus stop and was lost and nowhere to be found for a couple hours, I was in the car helping to look for him in the neighborhood and that day I also happened to pick up many pieces of editing candies.

Huh, so helping your community in more ways than one!
Alright, tell me what do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment in Waze?

In the days when map updates took weeks and longer; getting the angles just right for a keep left/right instruction after several months of slight modification of the node then waiting for the map update to see if it worked right.  

Yeah, and now it's happening practically every day.
Alrighty, how about sharing your biggest pet-peeve (Waze related, of-course)?

All those traffic cameras in the editor and the dialogue boxes/buttons are too small for my ten inch tablet.  

If Waze wasn't around, what would you do instead of editing?
Watch more videos/movies at work.
I hope your boss doesn't read this...

Anything you'd like your fellow Wazers to know?
I am always available for help, questions, unlocks,  etc.  You can always PM me however I mostly have the forums open between 4pm - 12am Central, Thurs – Mon, so if I don't immediately answer don't fret.  

Community & Social
First and foremost – a HUGE congratulations to the Wazer calandraca who has surpassed 1 Million Edits! We're very impressed!
A huge congratulation for OyyoDams as-well, for amassing over 700,000 edits!
Next is Joker40 with over 500,000 edits, followed by doctorkb & DimaZ1 who did more than 400,000 edits.
Finally, a big congratulation to houstonmg, ArlenBystander, pjlasl, iainhouse & beffl with over 300,000 edits.
Well done everyone!

See you in 2 weeks!
Waze so serious?

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