On The Road – Waze bi-weekly newsletter (9.6.2013)

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On The Road – Waze bi-weekly newsletter (9.6.2013)

Postby jonypony » Sun Jun 09, 2013 3:13 pm

Version 3.7.1
We released an update to version 3.7 last Thursday for Android users, which addresses most of the issues users encountered with the previous version.
We hope your experience has improved and you enjoy the Facebook events feature.

A huge thanks to kentsmith9 who was a tremendous help in translating our knowledge base, actively improving the offered solutions on our support page, as well as updating the editor-manual and the user-manual for the client on the Wiki page.

Turkey just got a brand new basemap – Congratulations!

Know your Champs
Today, we're introducing a new Champ from Belgium, steveningelbrecht.

Hi Steven,
So what's your real name?

Steven Ingelbrecht
I should have guessed!
steven.jpg (56.48 KiB) Viewed 1786 times

Tell us a-little about yourself:
I'm a father of 3 kids, 1 girl (6y) and 2 boys (4y and 1y)... 
Besides of doing things for Waze, most of the free time goes to the wife and kids.
My wife tried to help me get rid of the Waze-addiction, by subscribing me for a 'start to play guitar' course, but the course is almost over...  :)
Professionally, I'm the manager of a non-governmental organization active in the branch of mental health, but we don't have any specialization in Waze-addiction, yet.
I'm going for the expertise by personal experience. :)

And what's your rank and role here, in Waze?
I'm a Country Manager in Belgium and became a Waze Champ some months ago.
In Belgium/BeNeLux I do the follow up of social media and try to help, where i can.
Besides the follow up of UR's, I'm busy with a user/editor manual and of course the coaching of new editors and Area Managers.
I was at the Waze meetup in Prague and met a lot of nice guys / fellow Champs over there.

When did you first start using Waze?
I'm a Wazer since august last year. So not really a long time, but a really intense time!
I recently joined the 400K editing club, so if you spent a lot of time, a lot is possible.

And when did you start editing?
I've been editing since the first time I installed Waze, almost a year ago.
There were some new roads in the area, not showing up on any map, so I was looking for an alternative. Waze was very promising, and still is!

What would you say is your favorite Waze feature?
Tough question, because I like a lot of the features... And I'm afraid to give a classic and general answer, the social and sharing aspect of Waze.
I like the gas prices feature and learned the kids to shout in the car, when they see a gas-station...
My wife is happy when I send her a message with my ETA, when coming from work...
I leave it up to you to think if she's happy of my arrival at home, or her lover leaving on time...
I like it to see other Wazers on the map, and reporting the situation of traffic and roads...

Describe your biggest Waze-related accomplishment
Well, i'm starting to realize the sky is the limit, but for now I'm quiet happy with my entrance in the 400k editing club. 
Of course it also meant a lot I was welcome at the Waze meetup in Prague, as a Waze Champ... It was an honor to be there.

If Waze wasn't around, what would you be doing instead?
Well, play with my kids, do some other computer work or game, do more work for my job (in the evenings), and of course, go to bed more early.

Any final words for our readers?
I hope Waze will grow more and succeeds in stabilizing their services, while now and then adding some new features.
I also hope the Belgium community will grow some more!

Thanks Steven!

Community & Social
Check out our blog and read about the amazing work done by our champs, that help save lives after a tornado, and to divert wazers away from a collapsed bridge.

The Austrian Community has launched community pages on Facebook and Google+ as well as a Twitter channel.

Some big congratulations are in-order:
gamelines & felohidalgo have reached a whopping 1 million points each – amazing!
We also have a new member in the 600,000 edits club: Mike-1323 – impressive!
Joining the 400,000 edits club, we have tcm33, nnote, Dekis, steveningelbrecht & AnotherHiggins – well done, guys!
Last but not least, we have gordonski & cybernissart who joined the 200,000 edits club.

Waze in the news
WebPro News
See you in 2 weeks!
Waze so serious?

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