Feedback? Suggestions? Use your votes on uservoice!

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Feedback? Suggestions? Use your votes on uservoice!

Postby krankyd » Tue Jun 01, 2010 7:45 am

We always like to get more ideas and feedback from our users, which is why we are now officially supporting the waze page on

To visit and vote just go to

And some important things to note:
1. We've opened two pages - one for the cartouche, website, and everything in between. This includes your dashboard, community page, blog, videos - anything relating to the site.
Second one is for the client - that is the application on your phone.
2. Check if someone already suggested your idea... obviously ideas with more votes get more attention.
3. Try to be specific and categorize your new ideas properly. It will help other people find them (see #2). If you think a category is missing, just let us know.

You don't have to create an account or ever sign in, in order to vote. However, if you want to be notified when something happens with your idea, we recommend that you use some kind of login... Unfortunately, right now you can't use your waze credentials in order to log in to, but you can use your gmail, twitter, facebook, yahoo, windows live... and more.

Of course you are still welcome to discuss new ideas here on the fourm - we read these as well, but it's much easier to see the most urgent needs using the voting system on uservoice.
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