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Re: Nordschleife

Postby Jan924 » Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:36 pm


da es oben schon angesprochen wurde, mach ich jetzt mal keinen extra Fred auf..

Es ging desweiteren noch um die Option "Maut vermeiden", die, da wir ja schließlich keine haben, in Waze in D nicht aktivierbar ist. Nur macht das natürlich wenig Sinn, da die Fahrt z.b. nach Frankreich ja nicht ausgeschlossen ist, und eine Mautfreie Routenberechnung erst nach der Grenze möglich wäre. Die Antwort fand ich ganz treffend;)

foxitrot wrote:There is one major design flaw with toll roads and its implementation in the client - why the heck is the option available just when I'm physically (GPS) placed in the country, where toll roads' coverage is being considered "complete" and the functionality being enabled for routing? I could understand why Waze hesitates to enable the routing functionality in a country, where the coverage is not yet considered "complete enough", but why should the switch be kept hidden, when I'm planning a route through a country, where it is live?

Im oben genannten Fred ist die Support Seite für Anregungen bezüglich der Maut-Option genannt, da kann man aber scheinbar keine direkten Anfragen mehr schicken.

Kann mir da wer helfen?

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Re: Nordschleife

Postby svx-biker » Tue Apr 02, 2013 7:47 am

Put into smaller pieces and connected the two off Segments.

Also I've removed some connections to entries and exits for support vehicles.

The "strange" speeds have probably two reasons:
- Not many drivers had waze with them
- The length of the segments
- Different cars (and drivers ;) )

Now it should be ready to race :D
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Postby davipt » Tue Apr 02, 2013 12:12 am

Hallo zusammen.

Could someone with knowledge on the Nordschleife cut it into smaller pieces so we could check out the average speed on the track?

I have a guy that drawn the "Estoril" race track in Portugal, and I, as the CM, only allowed it with his promise that he will take waze with him next time he goes to the track. So I tried to cut it into smaller segments trying to catch the straight parts and the slow curves to see later what the averages are.

Here's our track, still at 0, and obviously disconnected from the main grid. ... ,193690737

The Nordschleife feels weird to see only averages of 60-70, with one segment with 97Km/h: ... 0,72451496

Oh and on the grand prix side, these two segments are not connected ... ,104663765

Also, that road is officially a "one-way public road with tolls" according to the government so you should set it to toll and ask Waze to get the "avoid-tolls" feature enabled, see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=23318&p=406678#p406560

(Portuguese guy that lived 8 years in Düsseldorf and when I got the guts to rent the ringtaxi with Sabine it was the year she didn't run because she didn't approve the new M5. Miss the Auto-Bahns and the company leased BMW's so much)

Vielen Dank!
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