[Solved] I-40 Exit 196, Nashville, TN, USA (level 3)

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Re: I-40 Exit 196, Nashville, TN, USA (level 3)

Postby WeeeZer14 » Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:00 am

Hint: You can select more than one segment per permalink ;)

I added US-70S to the exits (we use the shortened version on ramps as opposed to the full US Hwy 70S form).

Slashes added before control cities.

The ends of the EXIT ramps are now un-named. The starts of the ON ramps can and should be named.

The ends of the exit ramps can also be named if they are useful names different than the exit and the road it is connecting to (like direction specific name of the highway and/or control cities).
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[Solved] I-40 Exit 196, Nashville, TN, USA (level 3)

Postby XerBlade » Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:51 am

The offramps both have somehow managed to completely leave out the road name (which IS on the exit signs) and only include the city names. They should be named "Exit 196: US Hwy 70S / Bellevue / Newsom Station".
https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=5&lat ... s=65529460
https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=5&lat ... s=45608796

As for the onramps, they are both missing a slash between the road names and city names.
https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=5&lat ... s=65529448
https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=5&lat ... s=45569153

And all the little branch ramps shouldn't have names to begin with (in this case I can personally attest to just how screwy they can make navigation instructions, so I can definitely see why the naming conventions in the wiki say they should be left unnamed).
https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=5&lat ... s=65529458
https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=5&lat ... s=65529459
https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=5&lat ... s=65529445
https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=5&lat ... s=65529449
https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=5&lat ... s=62468269
https://www.waze.com/editor/?zoom=5&lat ... s=62468266
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Re: I-40 Exit 196, Nashville, TN, USA (level 3)

Postby XerBlade » Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:09 am

Ah, yes, I knew you could select multiple segments, I just managed to forget somehow, or rather I seem to forget whenever I have a reason to remember....

And I knew the ends of offramps should be named if they're useful (like on the offramps at I-440 exits 1 and 2, for example, where they are practically separate exits packed together to start with a single ramp at first), but I knew those specific ones were definitely not that sort of case, lol (rather, those were just plain annoying).

And the onramp links being on the name removal part as well was just me getting carried away with my momentum.... I really meant to stick those under the missing slash part with the main two. I knew I should've proofread, but no... I decided it wasn't necessary.

Thanks a ton.
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