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Important Places to Map in PA

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 3:37 pm
Hello fellow PA Editors,

Since Waze will soon be heavily relying on Places mapped in the Editor, there are several Places I'd like to ensure we have mapped properly with the correct address, house numbers, street & city name and end point location in the editor. Listed below you will find resources for reference to map key Places in the editor.

NOTE: Some of the resources below may have old/outdated/incorrect data. Please use your local knowledge & independent research in mapping each place accordingly.

Pennsylvania Hospitals

Pennsylvania Police Stations
*All State Police Barracks have already been mapped appropriately.

Pennsylvania Fire Departments

State Prisons in Pennsylvania or State Prisons 2

Pennsylvania Colleges & Universities

Magisterial District Courthouses (Municipal Courthouses)

Courts of Common Pleas Court Houses (County Courthouses)

Airports in Pennsylvania

Military Bases in Pennsylvania

Theme Parks & Zoos/Aquariums in Pennsylvania or Zoos or Amusement Parks & Amusement Parks 2

Ski Resorts in Pennsylvania

Golf Courses in Pennsylvania

Casinos in Pennsylvania

Sports Venues in Pennsylvania

Arenas in Pennsylvania

Race Tracks in Pennsylvania

Music Venues in Pennsylvania

Welcome Centers

Please refer to the Places Wiki to ensure proper selection of Place type & mapping guidelines