Starting with adding parking lots -- Entry Points?

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Starting with adding parking lots -- Entry Points?

Postby BackJacked » Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:09 pm

First off...hello.

I thought I'd start my editing off by adding parking lots within my editable area that have been marked as a problem of "Missing Parking Lot Place." I chose to start with a local junior high school at 3700 Orcutt Rd., Santa Maria, CA.

I've added the two lots, labeled the information...what I believe to be correct... saved the two lots, and marked the problem as solved.

My question has to do with adding the Entry/Exit Points. I clicked "Add Point," and a single, double-arrow point seems to be attached to the middle of the area. I dragged that point to the entrance of the lot. I believe that is correct. However, when I tried to add the exit point, I'm unable to add a second point. Although this isn't really a problem for this particular location, I'm wondering how I would add multiple point for lots with multiple entry points.

I was also unable to figure out how to change the point label from "Unnamed Point."

Thanks for helping me get started.
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Re: Starting with adding parking lots -- Entry Points?

Postby tonestertm » Sat Jan 19, 2019 4:18 am

Welcome, Phil!
I'll just answer the main points quickly, as I'm out and about at the moment.

Currently, we can only add one Entry point per lot, and it cannot be named, yet. Don't worry about Exit points: the name is a little bit of a misnomer.

Primarily, we are interested in the entry(ies) to the lot. For now, just try to choose the "main" entry, where it's the most convenient for most people.

You can get a lot of good information in the Wiki (link in the lower left corner of the editor window).
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Re: Starting with adding parking lots -- Entry Points?

Postby turbomkt » Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:38 pm

Welcome to editing! Here is a link to editing Parking Lots. It has details on some of what I say below.

The name on this should be "Parking - Lakeview Junior High". We put the parking in front so people know it's not the business itself because Parking is the first word.

You can also add that parking is Restricted, Free, and has Accessible parking. If you do this, it's pretty much complete. If you want to add the Parking Lot Roads (not a bad idea here), one of us can unlock Orcutt Rd and help get things straight.

Some of the same applies to the other lot. In that case, you put the name of the lot in the Description instead of the Name field. Is one of these staff only? Or preferred for staff? It doesn't appear to be a huge deal in this case, but it can be worth differentiating.

I'll send a PM with some other resources.
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