creating Alaska Mileposts / Mile Markers

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creating Alaska Mileposts / Mile Markers

Postby MacroNav » Mon Feb 26, 2018 7:01 pm

Hello all,

Alaskan Wazers know how much many people in the state rely on mile markers - historically these are called Mileposts - and in rural areas on the road system they are often the only address that a person can use to locate a home or business. They are also used by AK DOT to indicate road closures or hazards.

I'm pleased to announce that I've worked with Mapomatic to include mile markers in his excellent WME GIS Layers script. Now you can turn on Highway Mile Markers for all state roads. This uses DOT data of where the actual mile markers are planted in the ground. ... 9&t=249027

So, great for editors to use in WME, but we could also create mile marker place points for searching and potentially routing. The Hawaii wiki has instructions they have used in the past: ... Mile_Posts

By this scheme, a junction/interchange place point would be created with a primary name of "Glenn Hwy AK-1 MM 34" and an alternate with MP instead of MM.

It occurs to me that using the abreviation MM/MP is obscure - it doesn't really say what it is, unless you're "in the know." If we actually used the word "milepost" (the common name in AK), then it would be clear to everyone and usable for routing. This would be: "Glenn Hwy AK-1 Milepost 34"

BTW, on divided highways there are markers for each roadway that are in slightly different positions. I think a single PP in between would be adequate.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on creating Mileposts in Alaska?


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