Florida Ave and N Capitol St NE

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Florida Ave and N Capitol St NE

Postby gregwl84 » Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:44 pm

I'm infrequently a driver, so I don't have status to make any of these changes, but Waze is constantly telling drivers to make illegal or near impossible left turns off Florida Ave, so I'm hoping someone can address.

Heading east on Florida Ave NW, there is signage prohibiting left hand turns onto N Capitol St NE. The signage is actually inconsistent (some indicates it's always prohibited, some indicates it's only prohibited during certain hours) but because it's inconsistent, drivers will not turn left, so that should be reflected in the map.

Immediately past that intersection, Florida Ave NW turns into Florida Ave NE, and there is parking lot that Waze directs people to turn left onto to cut through to Q St NE. This is nearly impossible to do without blocking traffic for a long time and waiting for oncoming traffic to stop and let you through. If there is an option to eliminate that route as a "throughway" and treat it only as a destination (which is accurate - it's a parking lot that happens to connect Florida Ave NE and Q St NE), that would be ideal.
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Re: Florida Ave and N Capitol St NE

Postby russblau » Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:14 pm

Thanks for reporting this, but so far I'm unable to replicate any of these issues or identify anything wrong with the map.

The left turn from Florida Ave NW to N Capitol St is prohibited at all times, and has been shown that way on the map at least since August 22 (almost two months ago).

The "cut-through" between Florida Ave NE and Q St NE is a "parking lot road" in Waze, which means that Waze ordinarily should not allow use of this road for through routes, but only if your destination is on it (which, as a practical matter, means your destination would have to be New York Pizza).

I did try some test routes through the area, and I couldn't find any routes that used either the illegal left turn or the illegal cut through the parking lot.

If you are in a situation where Waze gives you either of these illegal instructions, it would be very helpful if you could take a screenshot showing the route and instruction; it would also help to know where you were coming from and going to at the time. You could post the screenshot in a reply to this message. Thanks!
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