Road Flooding - Shoreview

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Road Flooding - Shoreview

Postby usa_agevfsh7 » Fri May 17, 2019 4:10 am

Rice Street southbound from Gramsie to St Marie Street has been closed for over a month. I have reported it numerous times (multiple times a day). Waze seems to delete my report every 30 minutes (yes, I have driven back to it every 30-60 minutes today to check)

It's a major issue since that is a primary route onto Interstate 694 Eastbound.

Is there anyway to make the edit stick for longer?

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Re: Road Flooding - Shoreview

Postby tinfoilhattie » Mon May 20, 2019 1:57 pm

Hello there - thanks so much for reaching out.

App-reported closures typically don't take effect beyond the app they're reported from (i.e. only you would see a report you make); you can set the duration when you report it, but it takes reports from multiple users and/or editor intervention to get those to "stick" more broadly.

I did take a look at the area, and it looks like one of our other editors has recently closed this stretch of Rice St. through the end of June (6/30):

Let us know if it needs to be updated shorter/longer, or if we can help with anything else.

Thanks again!

Has anyone checked on the llamas lately?

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