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Thoughts for Faribault

Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:16 am

I'd like to post this as a discussion to determine the best way to use function class in this city
https://www.waze.com/editor/?lon=-93.29 ... 45&env=usa

Using http://gisservices.dot.state.mn.us/Geoc ... t_basemap# it clearly shows that MN-2, MN-60, and MN-3 in the city are Major highways, but AVdriver completely disagrees with me on setting this road to this level.

Even if we were not to set it exactly as the functional class states, wouldn't it at least be correct to make MN-21 from point that it becomes a divided highway to MN-60 and then MN-60 from that point west to where MN-60 becomes a divided highway to the level of a major highway.

What are the thoughts of everyone here? Is AVdriver correct to only think of these roads as minor highways? Should be functional class be used exclusively and make major highway just as the functional class map states. Or should we at least follow the Wiki here and make the major highway as stated above?

By the way, I used functional class for all the rest of the city ... AVdriver has changed some of these functional class levels removing some primary streets to streets and changing some minor highways to primary streets, but I have changed it back to correct standard and being a person who often drives this city, I can say that the functional class is exactly what should be chosen.
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