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RIP Iainhouse

Post by chriso1001
Hello to you all in the Waze community.

It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that Iain House (Iainhouse) passed away last Thursday night with his family around him.
After finding and reading his final post on here I thought the least I could do was pass this sad news on to the community which meant so much to him.

I was a colleague of Iain's for six years in his day job, he had a vast amount technical knowledge and was always willing to use it to help and teach others, as well as keeping us honest with his direct words. The whole team at the office is going to miss him. It would seem that this was also the case on here, judging by the replies to his post.
Aside from Waze, he liked watching cricket, NFL and had a fondness for burgers. 

I don't think I've ever met a more genuine human being in my entire life, the world is indeed a poorer place without him, and unfortunately I will never get to find out his views on Windows 11, there would have been many I'm sure.

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Post by GerardterBeke
Thank you Chris. Can you please send his family my/our condolences?

The Waze community will miss him immensely.

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Post by Dutchdirt
Very sad news indeed. Iain has left a big mark on this community. And I'm glad we had the chance to say that to him before his passing.

Let's all honour him by wearing a Hawaii shirt the next time we meet in person. He would have appreciated that, while at the same time sending verbal and non-verbal messages to quit all that fuss.
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Post by Dave2084
RIP Iain, you'll be missed!

I have so many great memories both online and at various Waze events around the world including two trips with him to Waze HQ in Tel Aviv.

Iain's contributions to Waze will give him immortality or sorts, there is no doubt that Waze on general and the UK map would not be as amazing as it is without his contributions.
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Post by firefighterdude
This is quite sad to hear. Iain, thank you for your countless contributions to Waze and the community. Rest in peace.
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Post by Inactive user -1643274304-
We are sadden to hear of the passing of Iain, while our paths never crossed we had a similar passion for editing.  We dedicate this map comment to the memory of Iain House knowing that while the seasons may pass his imprint on the community will last forever. 
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Post by goncalovm76
Really sad news.

Thanks for letting us know.

My condolences to Iain's family, may he rest in peace.
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In memoriam of Iainhouse

Post by gsansone
I am one more editor of your script.
Requiescat in pace Iain
My condolences to his family, friends and the entire Waze community.
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Post by chriso1001
Hello again, Waze Community,

Iain's family have asked me to post a couple of links here that they wanted to share with you, they have been overwhelmed with all the kind words on here from many users.

The first is a tribute page where you will see some lovely and interesting photos, and some thoughts from friends and family.
Please feel free to contribute if you want to: Iain House Tribute Page

The second is a webcast of Iain's funeral service, it is available to view until the 15th December.
The first piece of information you will need is: quro3154 and the second is: 448256
Even if you don't watch it all, you will see the floral tribute to his Waze days on the coffin at the start.

It was amazing to meet Iain's family and friends, it added a whole other human dimension to the person I had worked with, and as happens so many times at funerals I regret not being able to talk to him about them now.

For my own small tribute, I felt that the least I could do was at least one map edit. I've done that and have spotted more that I could do, and that brings questions. If only I had a Waze Global Champ on hand to least I know there's a whole community out there now.

To paraphrase Dr Seuss, I did have a little cry over Iain when it happened, but I have so many thoughts about him that now make me smile.

Please feel free to amplify this message across the other Waze forums.


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Post by chriso1001
vince1612 wrote: Mon Nov 29, 2021 10:08 pm Thanks a lot for the update Chris!

The tribute page seems to be down for me.

Apologies for that, the link in my original post now works.
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