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Sun Jan 04, 2015 12:22 pm

My name is Karen and I am the newest member of the Community team! My position is Community Content Management Specialist.

A big part of my job in the coming year is to work with the community to upgrade the Wiki. I know many of you are already super-active editors/creators of the Wiki, so I wanted to take this opportunity and invite you to get involved in this Wiki-focused sub-forum.

Here are just a few of the ideas I have, some of which are already in the works:
    :arrow: Artwork Revamp
    The Waze design team is already hard at work on a new skin for the Wiki. We will also be renaming the Wiki. Nethunter (our developer and in-house wiki-master) suggested "Waze-o-pedia" - any other ideas?
    :arrow: Creation of Localized Wikis
    Many communities already have their own Wiki pages. However, the fact that these are all searchable within the Waze.com/wiki can be confusing.
    Therefore, we will work on separating the communities (and therefore languages) so that on the main (English) wiki, you receive only answers in English. We will then create separate URLs for communities/languages on an opt-in basis which will be self managed.
    We will then work on migrating the appropriate content to these pages (ex: English content wiki will be en.waze.com/wiki and Brazilian content will be at br.waze.com/wiki). If you share a language with another community, content can be shared. This allows local communities to have localized content on their wikis and makes finding answers much easier.
    :arrow: Creation of a Wiki Expert Group
    These users will work directly with me and help decide the new structure and focus in the coming year. For those of you who already know the wiki inside and out, I am counting on you! We've already compiled a list of active users and will be in touch directly with you shortly. Sign up form is below.
    :arrow: Creation of special "Gated" pages and Project Pages
    There are many pages of high importance and therefore should only be edited by experienced users.
    Special Project Pages to take-on and organize areas of focus.
    :arrow: New Wiki Editor & Wiki Expert Forum Badge and Wiki-based badges.
    Also being worked on by the Waze art dept.
    And much, much more....

Interested in being part of the Wiki Expert group? Please fill out this form.

:idea: Have ideas for the Wiki? Comment below and let's get this party started! 8-)

I am so excited for the road ahead!

Happy Travels and Happy New Year,

Re: Welcome!

Sun Jan 04, 2015 1:49 pm


Deeploz (as he initiated the project) and some of us are working on setting up a new french wiki with already some attractive pages.

Thanks to deeploz and all the group which are part of that project.

Re: Welcome!

Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:00 pm

Nomenclator1677 wrote:Hi,

Deeploz (as he initiated the project) and some of us are working on setting up a new french wiki with already some attractive pages.

Thanks to deeploz and all the group which are part of that project.

Very cool! 8-)

If other communities are working on similar projects, please share them here!

Re: Welcome!

Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:10 pm

Well, we're activly using the translator tool/plugin, to have the same page in multiple languages.
Is working pretty good, if you ask me.

Re: Welcome!

Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:36 pm

Hi Karen

Happy to meet you.

I am pleased to informe you that we took care of the Wiki issue two years ago, as we found out that Wiki could easily be modified by whoever (I believe it's still there)

So we moved our wiki on a platform using Joomla...much more friendly usable and easy to develop than Wiki one.

We informed Waze Staff about the changement we did and it has been highly appreciated.

On Wiki Italian Page and on all Italian Forum as well we put references to our whole and UNIQUE EDITING GUIDE for all our Waze users

It contains all type of informations needed either by lev1 or lev6 editors and it's weekly updated ...if necessary ...or in case of new features added to WME production.

I hope you will appreciate as well the job Italian Team have done in order to facilitate the use of any kind of informations needed by editors or by simple Waze users.

Our FB and twitter pages report almost every week informations/ suggestions to use our Guide.

We have our "Wiki Team" already in force so ,if needed, we would be happy to be part of your Wiki Group

Re: Welcome!

Sun Jan 04, 2015 2:54 pm

Hi Karen
Also welcome from me!
+1 for asterix06

Re: Welcome!

Sun Jan 04, 2015 3:01 pm

I've seen some of the work the italian team have done, and it is very useful.

More than past french wiki.

But with our new wiki to be fully developed, I'm sure our will be at least as useful as italian wiki is. 8-)

Re: Welcome!

Sun Jan 04, 2015 3:04 pm

Jean Pierre , one system or another is not so important : what is really important is that it will be really helpfull for the editors.

That must be our Target !

Re: Welcome!

Mon Jan 05, 2015 4:13 pm

Jean-Pierre is really enthusiastic about our new wiki due to the tremendous work that as already been achieved by the small team working with me (and especially Jean-Pierre, as proficient spellchecker :mrgreen: ) and this could lead to some slight chauvinism ;)

Anyway, you're right. As a french proverb says : Comparison is not reason. Whatever is the form, only the content counts (as far as the form does not overshadow the content). and in both cases, the ease of use contributes directly to provide clear and efficient accessibility to the right information whenever required.

Karen, I'd be glad to be on-boarded in this wiki expert workforce and to both contribute to a better Wiki and share my wiki skills.

Re: Welcome!

Thu Jan 08, 2015 3:22 pm

Hey Everyone,

Wow! What an amazing welcome :)

First, I want to say thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm!

For those who've signed up for the Wiki Masters group (if you haven't yet, you can do so here), we will work together to make the Wiki an even more accessible and valuable resource to help educate and grow the community. I will be contacting everyone who has signed up for the Masters group shortly, so keep a lookout in your PM's 8-).

The work I see so far in the Wiki is incredible. There is clearly a lot of effort being placed into these pages and my goal is to share your knowledge in order to organize and grow the editing community.

I'd like to start by creating both a Wiki Projects and Portal pages, to organize the editing effort around these areas:

:arrow: Main homepage
:arrow: Map Editor
:arrow: Waze App/Client
:arrow: Community

Read more about how Wiki Projects and Portals here and here.

Then, once we get these projects and portals off the ground, we can separate out community wiki's to make them more localized and relevant to the community who runs them.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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