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Postby dmcconachie » Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:06 pm

gettingthere wrote:
jasonh300 wrote:However, as long as the Recent Routes on the Dashboard page leads every new user to Cartouche, new editors will be using Cartouche, screwing things up and creating new problems.

Urgh.... Waze needs to get that removed from there and / or get the links going to WME instead. How many months late are these changes? Is Waze even keeping track of what is remaining to be done to get rid of Cartouche?

Livemap reported problems still go to cartouche too as far as I'm aware!

It's as bad as the beta feedback being ignored. We're told that cartouche is responsible for most of the database failures yet it still sits there like a little waze wart!

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Re: Wiki Overhaul

Postby jasonh300 » Thu Jun 21, 2012 6:36 pm

The functionality to view the routes in WME already exists. You can click on the links from within WME...but for new users, it's a chicken and egg conundrum. All they have to do is get those links onto the Dashboard page.

Then there's the whole Alternate Name field, which some editors spend a lot of time filling in. That data may or may not be useful when they finally make an alternate name field or shield field in WME. I don't see any way that they're going to be able to differentiate between shield numbers and alternate names and we're going to have a lot of new work to do once that change occurs.

Personally, I don't do any alternate naming. I'm working on getting the highways in Louisiana the way I think they should be (consistent), and whenever the new alternate naming/shields come into play, I'll have a pretty easy time of doing a Select All and filling in the data. It won't happen overnight, but at least I won't have to spend a lot of time going segment by segment all over again, as I'm doing now.
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Re: Wiki Overhaul

Postby imper1um » Thu Jun 21, 2012 7:38 pm

1. Cartouche documentation will be logged and stored away. More emphesis on the new engine should be used since it causes less problems and is much more supported.

2. I'm going to need some documentation on the minimum requirements for WME. The problem is that WME I know works in Chrome because I use Chrome, however, I would like to know how it works in other Browsers, and perhaps establish a "lowend version" for what browsers can and cannot be used in WME. I'm busy with work, wiki, road editing, and Pathfinder Society all the time that I can't really go version testing.

3. For the most part, the entire wiki structure should be based on providing people the information on as it is clicked, not spewed out in front of the user. Simple headlines should only be provided with more information at a click, like most Wikis. So, if someone is just using the Client and wants to get the lo-down on a feature and its nuances, I don't want the screen cluttered with information about Cartouche.

4. Ultimately, the wiki should be set that everything should be "at-a-click." Want to know the definition of a word that only exists in WME? It should be clickable.

5. Wiki documentation should be <= 2 scrolls on a 950px height screen with sufficient (950px width+) width for the documentation. This allows for less information spew and more information "conciseness." You tell people what they want to know, not explain about everything what is going on.
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Re: Wiki Overhaul

Postby kentsmith9 » Sat Jun 23, 2012 3:25 am


# I mainly use FF and can assist on that front with feedback. The operation is the same between them. The only difference is the few "problems" that FF does not behave correctly.

# My R/L job is writing about technical things for the average human, so I can work with you on the intro descriptions. We can sync up on how you want me to follow you. I can just watch your edits if you like, or you can maybe add a special template to pages that need an intro like {{INTRO_NEEDED}} and I can search for them and edit as you create them.

# As I mentioned in my PM to you yesterday, I will keep adding updates and simplifications to sections that you can then cut and paste into your template. I just realized that we need to keep synchronized on our changes though since you will at some point do a wholesale paste from your temp page and if I was updating the current pages, the changes will be "lost" when we switch over. Maybe I will focus my efforts on the section intros inside your temp pages so we don't risk loosing too much work between us.

One way or another I think we will be successful here.
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