HOV Lanes

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HOV Lanes

Postby HandofMadness » Thu Nov 01, 2012 5:22 pm

Hi, the wiki states:
As an interim measure, these lanes should be added to the map as separate roads, with the road type as Parking Lot Roads. This means that if you are not currently in one of these lanes the routing will avoid it, but if you choose to get into the lane, the routing will work correctly.

http://www.waze.com/wiki/index.php/Carp ... nsit_lanes

However, I've had two different CM's state (one in a thread, one via PM) that only the ramps onto the HOV lanes should be set as parking lot, and the HOV lanes should be set to the appropriate highway type. Scrolling around map, I see it being done both ways.

I don't care which is the correct way, I just want consistency between what the Wiki states and what is being done on the map. Do the CM's need to update their methodology, or do we need to update the wiki?
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Re: HOV Lanes

Postby CBenson » Thu Nov 01, 2012 6:45 pm

I suspect that sometimes its just easier to set the main road to PLot than it is to find all the ramps. I believe that the initial guidance to set the entrances to PLot was agreed to before the current transition penalty for PLot was put in place. When there was a penalty based on the number of segments, setting the entire road to PLot wouldn't work, as you would always be routed off of the HOV lanes at the first available exit. Under the current scheme, I don't really see a big difference between the two.

Another issue to be aware of is reversible HOV lanes. With reversible lanes you need to set both the entrances and exits to parking lot roads. This is because if any entrances are reversible along with the main lanes, they become exits when the traffic is flowing the other direction. Once you set one exit in a direction to PLot, you need to set all the exits in that direction to PLot.
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