Junction style guide: ramp restriction inconsistency

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Re: Junction style guide: ramp restriction inconsistency

Postby skbun » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:29 pm

kentsmith9 wrote:
skbun wrote:I see it go back and forth and back again in Washington and California at the very least, and if what you're saying is true, every instance of it going back and forth represents 'a different street' that the routing engine needs to check against.

I have been fixing it on all the major CA highways/freeways as I go through editing/updated the Exit numbers on each route. I have not attacked I-5 thinking it had so many people travel that road that it must have already been done. That is what I get for assuming. :oops:

Understandable, I think. In fact, we now know from this thread: that we've never come to agreement on which is right, and some believed we need the 'space in the name' format to work around a now-fixed bug. So I guess we come full circle.

Interstates, no space after the "I", then?

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