County Highways/County Roads

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County Highways/County Roads

Postby skbun » Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:42 pm ... _35px_35px

I retooled this section to be a little closer to the current reality of things as implemented in WME. I know that the instructions for 'directionals as highway letters' was just plain wrong, and there wasn't any mention of states that are adopting CR as a standard, which is beginning to happen.

Someone may wish to do this with the State routes section, which is going to be a lot more diverse as time goes on. We should probably have an entry in THAT section for every one of the 50 states at this point so the edit warring over names (if any is occurring in any state) will end now.


States that have adopted SR-XX: CA FL MS WA
States that have adopted LA-XX: LA
States that have adopted 'Highway XX' ...


The Wiki is self justifying: "Consistency within each state is key"; it's probably overdue that the Wiki spell out what that consistency should be so a user doesn't have to hunt for that answer.

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