[Page Update] Camera/Legality/USA

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[Page Update] Camera/Legality/USA

Postby kentsmith9 » Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:10 pm

I moved a previously created camera legality in the USA page as a subpage under [[Cameras]].

I also added a link to what appears to be a good government source for speed and red light camera legality in the US.

I started updating the legality page with this source information when I had to reconsider what it is actually telling us. I would like to ask the group's opinion on this information before I continue with any changes using this source.

In the government page they do list states where the laws are defined for red light and speeding cameras. They also mention when a state like West Virginia says "all photo enforcement prohibited." For these two cases it is clear how we would add that to this legality page.

But when the table says Wyoming has "no state law," that is somewhat ambiguous. However the government page does say:
Although many states have laws explicitly authorizing automated enforcement, not all states where cameras are in use have such laws, nor are they always necessary.

Therefore I think for these states we would use the yellow "See Notes Below" and add that state in the notes section with the comment that the cameras are "Not Controlled By State Laws" and may be present in parts of the state.
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Re: [Page Update] Camera/Legality/USA

Postby AndyPoms » Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:27 pm

This is also a good source to use: Governors Highway Safety Association.

For CT, IIHS says "no state law" and GHSA says "No state law or programs" - the state has said (I forget if it's the courts, the Attorney General or the DOT) that without a law authorizing their use (speed or red light), photo enforcement can not be used in the state. A proposal to authorize cameras comes up in the legislature every few years, but hasn't passed. That being said, I think a few states have said the opposite - that they need a law prohibiting their use and without a law either prohibiting or allowing them, they are allowed by default.
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