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Re: [New Page Proposal] Places

Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:47 pm

For usability's sake -- if it is the case that "stop point" will not be understood for "pin" and vice-versa by editors, especially the newest ones, for whom the documentation is most important.

For simplicity's sake -- the simplest possible phrase we can use ("stop point or pin", if necessary)

This should help retain the valuable information already in the document, while providing more sensible routes through the documentation for new editors.


Re: [New Page Proposal] Places

Mon Sep 22, 2014 4:55 pm

If that is the purpose of the guideline change, should the guideline include something about categories to be included, so that a search for "emergency" will find the nearest PD/FD/hospital?

Re: [New Page Proposal] Places

Tue Sep 23, 2014 12:38 pm

There seemed to be no consensus reached on my proposal above. I will bring it up one more time; please give a yay or nay.

Proposal for change: I would like to make the following proposed changes, in order to make it more clear to new editors what the guidelines are for creating point and area places, and why. This will make the page a useful reference to new editors, and useful to include in a chat or friendly-gram.
summary of changes: MUST add an address, take care with the pin/stop point, choose appropriate category(ies), avoid adding area places, "never" add a parking lot. and read more about gas stations.

Places is the Waze Point of Interest (POI) system. There are two types of places: '''Point''' and '''Area'''. Both types of places are searchable. Area Places are shown on the map, but Point Places are not. Places should always be completed with a street address and one or more [[#When_to_use_Area_or_Point|categories]] to aid in searches. The pin or stop point should be placed on or very near to the driveable segment to which Waze should direct the driver.

[[#Point Places|Point Places]] create Waze-searchable POIs, but {{as of|August 2014}} don't show up on the app display. Point places are most useful for destinations that are not listed in other POI search engines such as Google, or which are not listed by category in the other search engines. Places that are already listed in Google often do not need to be added in Waze, unless they are missing from a search category. See [[#When_to_use_Area_or_Point|the table of Place categories and types]] for guidance on when to use a point place.

[[#Area Places|Area Places]] (formerly called '''Landmarks''') should be used sparingly and only for true landmarks. They do everything Point Places do, and also provide an area outline on the map display. Overuse clutters the small screen and makes it more difficult for wazers to orient themselves to the map while briefly stopped at a light. If a location is not distinctive and significant enough to orient drivers, it should not be marked with an Area Place. See [[#When_to_use_Area_or_Point|the table of Place categories and types]] for guidelines on when to use an area vs a point place.

[[Gas station|Gas Station]] is a special type of area place. Waze uses gas station places for gas price reporting and for gas station navigation . Please read more about [[Gas station|Gas Station]]. [[#Parking_Lot|parking lot]] points and places should almost never be added to the map. Please read more about [[#Parking_Lot|parking lot]]s.

== Client Rendering ==
Delete this section. This information now appears in the lead paragraph.

In the table of categories, I'd like to add a link to gas stations:
| Car Services
| [[Gas station|Gas Station]]
| Area
| Many gas stations also have convenience stores and ATMs. Remember to use "Gas Station" as the primary category and the add any others which are relevant. Follow the [[Gas station|Gas Station]] guidelines.

Re: [New Page Proposal] Places

Tue Sep 23, 2014 8:46 pm

Re: putting beginner-level info in the page summary
1) I do not propose making any changes that would change any of the guidelines currently given. I only want to make it easier for beginners to understan.

2) Current text https://wiki.waze.com/wiki/index.php/Pl ... ess_detail
reads "Every Place, whether Point or Area, should have as much detail completed as possible. This includes a name, proper categorization, and full street address, city and state." I do not propose making a change to this without consensus from the community.

3) I am not proposing changing, at this time, any of the recommendations on this page for any type of place, whether parking lot or gas station or anything else. The only change I propose to make in the line for gas station is the link to the gas station page. But I can drop that one change, and leave the line for gas stations exactly as-is.

Given that, would it be OK to put in my changes? They would only simplify the page and make it easier for beginners to read, and would not stand in the way of upcoming guideline changes currently under discussion.
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