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Re: [New Page] WME Chat

Thu Jun 26, 2014 11:28 pm

vectorspace wrote:Is this page out of draft at this point? Seems pretty good to me.

I agree it should be.

I think it should at least be marked as usable content, maybe with the construction box still left on top.

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Re: [New Page] WME Chat

Fri Jun 27, 2014 12:19 am

kentsmith9 wrote:Agreed. The page has been reviewed many times and is very well put together. I removed the construction box and put the link to this forum on the Talk page for quick reference.

That makes me think it might be good to have a template like {{PrivateMessage}} called {{ForumLink}}. It would be a message box designed to be placed at the bottom of a page that is directly linked to a discussion page already. It would simplify getting users with questions or concerns into the right place in the forum.

isn't that the purpose of the talk page? but it's a good idea nonetheless

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Re: [New Page] WME Chat

Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:20 pm

kentsmith9 wrote:
sketch wrote:Maybe use the forum template on the talk page. I agree we could make better use of the talk pages.

I am open to either one.

The idea of putting it at the bottom of the main page is that most users don't ever think about the talk page. This gives them a visual indicator of where they can go. Also the forums are MUCH more monitored by the Waze editing community than talk pages. Frankly talk pages are tough to manage when people comment on them because there is no automated flagging system that you can see a new comment was added. The forums do that very well already.

I meant to put the link to the forum in the talk page.

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Re: [New Page] WME Chat

Fri Aug 01, 2014 5:50 pm

I updated some images and bullet points to the WME Chat addon script to be current with v0.7

Re: [New Page] WME Chat

Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:11 pm

Here is a start......
Reasons for no response:
Away from keyboard.
Viewing another window.
(These above reasons could be remedied by simply going invisible in chat prior to action)
Specific area announced and no editing permissions for unlock/update request.
Request in a state or region that is not familiar.
Assisting another editor.

Suggestion to identifying those who can help:
For Country Managers, Local Champs and Global Champs, rank icon in chat could have the following identifiers instead of a number and a color border for easy recognition:
Country Manager - CM
Local Champ - LC
Global Champ - GC

Re: [New Page] WME Chat

Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:26 pm

kentsmith9 wrote:
DwarfLord wrote:That latter point may be better off placed in the WME requests area but if Live Users really does default to off every time that's worth putting in the wiki. Unless it's there and I missed it...

Not sure I follow what you mean. At what point do you believe it is disabled by default? How do you get to that point?

When I am on WME and I select a permalink or refresh, if I had "live users" layer on, it stays on for me.

I have only experienced the change of layer settings when following another editors permalink, it defaults to what that editors settings were at the time they permalinked.

*Edit* Too slow again, what PesachZ said above.

Re: [New Page] WME Chat

Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:04 pm

Fredo-p wrote:
DwarfLord wrote:
It's not like there are so many other editors they would clutter the screen :o

Funny you would mention that. There is a thread in the forums about someone who took a screenshot of a crap ton of editors in one location. I swear it was around 15-20.

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Here is a thread with that image:

Re: [New Page] WME Chat

Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:21 pm

To be clear, you have confirmed the avatar does become invisible when toggled, not just removing the name of editor from chat box?
If so, please correct my comments on another post :?

Re: [Page Needed] WME Chat

Wed May 28, 2014 3:07 am

fuchserl wrote:
If it is not caused by multiple instances of WME in my experience it is caused by changing countries while being in the chat without reloading the page.
The chat seems to not 'log you out properly' of one country, therefore your messages might still show up in the first country, when returning from the second country your messages are doubled in the first country.

Doubtful. Most US Waze editors never leave the US, and there have been many reporting this problem in the US. I have experienced it, and I never edit outside the US.

However, what you describe may be an example of a more general problem where the frame is reloaded, the chat service is never notified to drop the connection, and the new chat window is therefore readdressable by the chat server for pushing out messages, yet not identified as a duplicate due to a new session ID being used. A simple fix would be to always synchronize chat session IDs at creation with whatever addressable information is used to maintain the chat session communication.

Re: [New Page] WME Chat

Thu Jun 19, 2014 6:01 pm

For the map editor add-ons, in the other communication tools section, I decided to be bold and acknowledge that Hangouts is not the only chat/sharing client out there. Although they own Waze, I don't think we've been married to anything Google in the editing community, and while Hangouts has become beaucoup popular, at least where a couple of Champs who like it have initiated the chats, I don't think we want to make it seem like we are compelling editors to use if their tool of choice is, say, Skype.

ANother point: Do we want to point out that Map Chat does not require revealing any identity outside of Waze, while all other forms of communication require you to either reveal your existing account information, or set up a new account?
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