Area Place: footprint or fence line?

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Re: Area Place: footprint or fence line?

Postby ScottZane » Mon May 12, 2014 7:57 am

As far as what you're referring to with the nested Area Places, that does sound like a silly idea. I can see Tallahassee Memorial as an Area with all of the parts of the complex you referred to being Points within that Area being a much better option.

Ultimately, I'm not sure there is a really rigid standard that can truly be followed anyway. Certain guidelines are definitely a good way to keep things standardized for a good reason, but giving some room for flexibility because of special situations should definitely be worthy of much consideration too.
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Re: Area Place: footprint or fence line?

Postby DwarfLord » Mon May 12, 2014 2:09 pm

Thanks ScottZane and elp2tlh for the discussion, and I'm glad your perspectives align more or less with the new addition to the Places wiki!

In the case of a critical public destination subset within a large, significant property we are really stuck. We don't want a massive campus or facility to lose its identity or disappear entirely at reduced zoom; that affects a lot of drivers. But we don't want critical public destinations within it to be invisible at increased zoom; that could affect a few drivers with urgent need.

Another issue is that we don't want to change course without knowing our new heading. Longstanding editing tradition called for mapping most Area Places to the fence line and allowed nested Area Places in limited circumstances. Abandoning that tradition would lead to wholesale deletions or modifications of many Area Places. But making those changes doesn't seem wise to me when we still don't know how the app's next release will render. Particularly we don't know if Waze is considering more helpful rendering of nested Area Places. What a shame to go through the maps eliminating nested Area Places and then find ourselves wanting to put them back...

My feeling for now is, keep the big fence-line Area Places that orient the majority of drivers who see them "in the distance", and if critical destinations lie within them, use nested Area Places and be sure to set the Stop Points correctly. Non-critical destinations (the vast majority of destinations) can use Point Places. That's what I tried to support in the new bit of wiki guidance.
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