Guidelines and application to become an Area Manager!

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Guidelines and application to become an Area Manager!

Postby a4xrbj1 » Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:24 am

Welcome and first of all thank you for your intention to help Waze in Malaysia/Brunei even more by requesting to become an Area Manager.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by requesting you to follow a couple of requirements outlined below but the main reason is that we (as the mapping community of Waze in Malaysia/Brunei) want to maintain the same level of map quality across the whole country.

That requires everyone who helps out on improving the map quality to follow the Waze mapping guidelines mentioned here

Requirements to become an Area Manager:

- a Rank 2 map editor or higher
- have completed at least 3000 quality edits.
- have at least a few months of experience editing the Waze maps regularly.
- have read and followed the guidelines for mapping found in the Wazeopedia, starting at the Waze Map Editing page.
- have a real Waze username which does not start with world_, usa_ or israel_.
- have forum PMs enabled and associated with a valid and verifiable email address.
- be active in the Regional Telegram, asking questions, and even providing guidance for newer editors, if possible.
- have a mentor (current AM or higher).
- have gone thru formal/informal mentoring.
- knows which area (City/Town) you are interested to manage.

Area Manager (AM) application process:

1) Write your AM request here

2) Submit the application using this form. Posting somewhere else can mean it will be overlooked.

3) The Local Champs team will review your application and will contact you within 7 days.

Lastly please understand that all of us reviewing on those AM requests are volunteers and not affiliated with Waze at all. We're enthusiastic users and big fans of Waze, we do want the best map quality in Malaysia for all users and we need enthusiastic new guys like you to help us out make Waze even better.


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