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Re: AM Request - CoolCityCat

Postby a4xrbj1 » Tue Apr 23, 2013 5:52 pm

Thanks for your application. I've posted it to our committee and we'll decide soon on it.

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AM Request - CoolCityCat

Postby CoolCityCat » Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:35 pm

Waze Username: CoolCityCat
Real Name: Ahmad Kamal Effendy bin Ahmad Lotfi
FB username: Ahmad Kamal Effendy
G+ username: CoolCityCat Rox
Date joined: 02 October 2012 (Thursday)
Number of map edits so far: 22,269 (as of 18/04/2013 8.53am)

Area to take over as Area Manager (Permalink):
1) Kuching (North) ... TFTFTTTTFT
2) Kuching (South) ... TFTFTTTTFT
3) Kuching (West) ... TFTFTTTTFT
4) Samarahan ... TFTFTTTTFT
5) Kota Sentosa, Kota Padawan & Bau ... TFTFTTTTFT
6) Siburan ... TFTFTTTTFT
7) Serian ... TFTFTTTTFT

Area that I've already edited (Permalink):
- Kuching (most of it, here and there). Since most major roads have been drawn from aerial map and locked, I've help to pave roads that cannot be seen from the aerial map due to cloud obstruction (eg. ... ,198013735) and also updated new roads (eg. ... ,197890802). Also helped to improve navigation (turn-by-turn voice instructions) at major junctions. Updated landmarks. Currently scanning for soft turns at dead-end streets and QW-ing them.

- Samarahan. Help pave most upcoming residential streets and naming existing ones. Updated landmarks. Currently scanning for soft turns at dead-end streets and QW-ing them. Some very difficult to pave because of weak internet connection (mostly at rural segments). Future plan to redo all UNIMAS internal streets once achieving AM status (UNIMAS has one of the busiest traffic in Samarahan yet roads cannot be done properly due to poor zoom level).

- Serian. Did basic landmarks and village roads. Future plan to improve streets at town centre by paving (town centre cannot be seen on aerial map past 1000m zoom level).

Additional comments:
1) All areas applied to take over are within my reasonable commute range (below two hours to reach any point from Kuching city centre). This is crucial for responding to Update Requests which need visual on-the-ground inspection.

2) Some areas (rural roads) have weak internet connection which makes my driving area not show up as an editable area. Having these areas editable under my AM-ship will enable me to create those rural roads so as to improve GPS navigation when internet connection fails (hence no real-time traffic updates as well).

3) I have been mentored by MdSyah and have been assisted by existing AMs about editing consensus and techniques. In return, as AM I shall be recruiting more editors and navigation auditors in my areas of responsibility.

I hereby submit this application for your perusal and consideration.

Thank you and Regards,
Ahmad Kamal Effendy
Coordinator, Local Champ, Country Manager, and most importantly, VOLUNTEER - Malaysia
Beta Tester - RBS, WME & Android
Localizer - Bahasa Malaysia (ms-MY)

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