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Baby Wazer status?

Post by zabaxe
I reinstalled waze multiple times. But everytime he classifies me as Baby Wazer despite having King-Status in my country. The symbol even shows the Baby with a crown. Is this a bug or a feature?
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Post by ZippyManoo71
Hey everyone.
I've been stuck on "Baby Wazer" for almost a week now.
I've driven over 400 kilometers and have 1747 points.
The dashboard seems to update each day alright but my android Waze app is still saying "~0 kilometers to next level".
Is this normal?
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Post by ZippyManoo71
Okay. Thanks for that.
I just want to get out of nappies (diapers). Haha.
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Post by wrocco
Don't worry man. Sometimes it happens, but your status will be updated soon.
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Post by WilfredsCat
It's a long known issue. In the most cases you just have to drive once and wait a few hours (up to one day).
If you are stuck in baby mode, please let us know and I will report your account to staff that they will take a look.

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Post by WillEdW

I have been having a problem with my account for the past three or four weeks now, even after re-installing the app, logging out and in, etc.

So the problem is this: My points and rank are fine (60,000+ and climbing; updating normally). However, my friends list is not updated properly, I don't have my correct avatar (I chose the dog originally), the app says that I am a baby Wazer, but, needless to say, I have driven way more than the 160 kilometres required to become an Adult/Grown-Up Wazer.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S5, with version of the app. Can someone please help me? Thank you.
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Post by wellife
As far as I know that is a known issue in Waze team and they are working on it. So we just need patience and wait in fix. All our status should be restored.
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Post by wellife
Boeinguy737 wrote:I updated my app recently and my info was all deleted. I've logged back in from the app and while my favorites, points and level have been restored, it thinks I'm a baby Wazer when in fact I have 14,497 miles. My rank on the app is 42,932 but on this website it's 1090816.
It is not a bug I think, it is more likely you created a new account or logged into another one you had created in the past and did not use. You can try to logout and use your username and password in order to get back into your account with all your information.
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Post by woodvale
Hi Lucas

Well done on finding your way to the forum, which is where the community answers questions like this. Nobody from Waze does so.

Please read the post about POINTS which, at this moment, appears directly above your post in the Waze App forum. Had you done so, you probably would not have needed to post your query.
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