Going back to Waze.... and other issues.

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Re: Going back to Waze.... and other issues.

Postby petervdveen » Sat Apr 28, 2012 4:08 pm

AlanOfTheBerg wrote:
vdub213 wrote:
Actually, you do get warned again for hazards that you report, if you meet the directional and other requirements. A couple of weeks ago, I reported a "car stopped on shoulder" in "other lane" while heading north on SR-415 in my area; a few minutes later, I drove back south on SR-415 and received the report of the "car stopped on shoulder" (in my lane).

I have never had that. Maybe I just missed it.

If it's a split roadway, the "other lane" option doesn't work. If you report "other lane" from a 1-way road segment, no one will ever get the popup.

Maybe it's different on the WWW server, but this definitely does work. ;)
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