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Post by stelin74
I've been using Waze for many years and up till now I've been very happy with it. However now suddenly you can't use it without high precision location turned on? Is this for real? I'm not interested in collecting and sharing data for no apparent reason. My device's GPS has been working perfectly fine for this app for a very long time so I can't see any reason to force this. Would like an explanation for why this is needed and what OUR benefits, as users, would be? Thoughts?
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Post by Goosiego
I've always found on many Android versions and phones that 'High Precision' causes GPS problems. Such as not getting a fix at all and dropping out mid navigation (and by navigation I also mean lots of other apps that record outdoor fitness activity). On GPS only I never ever have a problem, with 'high precision', it can be hit and miss every day- particularly if you start a GPS app indoors, then go outdoors. This new setting makes it impossible for me to get on with Waze now. While I recognise 'high precision' looks better, in that when sat at home or in the office it looks like it gets your position where GPS only would not; I'd prefer an actual reliable GPS experience and trade off not being able to sit comfortably on my couch, playing with looking at possible route times.
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Post by MilPop73
This is a very big issue also for me. I am an avid Waze user for yeras, I am a Waze Royalty, I have more than 65000 km with it on. And now I can not start the app, without location turned on.
Why? What is happening?
Rolling back to older version and hoping that soon this new "feature" will be deleted.
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Post by low_wh74
WAZE for Android is now available in Google Play Store.
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Post by gdg69
I had to downgrade too. Waze on the Jolla C running SailfishOS believes that high precision location is turned off, probably due to a bug in the device HAL. Until 4.22 this just implied dismissing the request, but with the new version it can't start at all. This block needs to be removed, since it's not really useful anyway.
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Post by driv3n
How does one roll back? I'm disappointed that the Waze folks were not more transparent in reporting the increased permission. I was using device only GPS and was happily using Waze daily. These kinds of changes always seem too big brother to me. If I can't roll back, I'll have to find an alternative to Waze.
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Post by rhc1717gmail
Agree with all of you and very disappointed from Waze!!
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Post by EGElk31
I'll add to the chatter - this is concerning to me since my testing shows that as soon as Waze gains access to Bluetooth and WiFi, it "bursts" data across both radios.

No idea of the content, but it bypasses onboard firewalls, etc. to send the data, so it's something that I don't necessarily want to have leave my phone...

Nothing like a "Here I am - please come use this insecure, unfiltered, unmonitored backchannel to compromise me!" broadcast.
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Post by jhp123
Agree with all of the previous posts, I've rolled back to until this is fixed.

Edit: I also see that along with high accuracy location waze turns on wifi scanning
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Post by JFKPeaceful8
I'm also out of Waze.
This GPS enabling thing (with access to mobile networks and sending personal data) is VERY misleading, which surely shows the spirit of the developing team behind Waze.
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