Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

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Re: Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby stevesalf » Fri Nov 29, 2013 9:38 pm

When I try to update the Gas Price in on My Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini (GT-I8190N) with upto date OS Android 4.1.2 sometimes (more often than not) the App crash's when entering the digit's.

On another matter - the App often starts up and resets to km when I switch to Miles...

Any advice would help tremendously... thanks :-)
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Re: Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby sticks221 » Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:51 pm

Firstly, thanks for the new feature and to all those involved!

In the Beta forum, a question was posed by Dave2048 here regarding the layout of the gas price list and showing the address. Is this likely to happen as per the documentation and, could the same view be applied to updating of gas prices when selecting the nearby station? When trying to add a gas price at a motorway service station and there are two stations (one either side of the motorway), it's just a pure guess as to which one I am updating and being able to see the address would add much needed clarification.

Thanks in advance! :D
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Re: Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby Swiiney » Wed Sep 04, 2013 6:30 am


same here in France, no more gas prices, no more button in the menu. Stations proposed by Waze are coming from Fousquare search.

Tryed to uninstall, re-install waze with no luck.


renaatski wrote:Hmm, is anyone else missing gas price features (comparison & update) since the latest 3.7.3 waze app? Using Waze in Belgium and it's gone now (from the menu, from the settings section, etc)..

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Re: Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby tallyg8tor » Wed Nov 21, 2012 8:05 pm

There is a gas station near me that is in the long location on the map. I believe that its GPS coordinates were calculated when the data was imported, and incorrect house numbers led to it being incorrect in the Waze gas station database.

I have since fixed the house numbers, but it still shows up in the old, incorrect location. I am guessing that I either have to wait for it to be updated or that new editing feature to be added for the US.
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Re: Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby Tekmisfit » Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:11 am

I can post gas prices in Canada but unfortunately the price format is the US type.
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Re: Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby ThatSeaOtter » Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:57 pm

oshawapilot wrote:
bcmedic16 wrote:Gas prices seem to be working in Canada now, except my iphone version of the app forces the price to end in 9, which isn't always accurate.

I've been trying on and off for weeks to update prices and earn some bonus points...but it has never ONCE worked for me.

And yes, every price being forced to end in .9 is bad. The difference between $1.011/L and $1.019/L probably doesn't seem like much to someone who isn't familiar with the Metric system, but for comparison, $1.011/L is $3.789/Gallon, and $1.019 is $3.792/Gallon. A not insignificant difference - almost 1c/L is more than enough for a person to pick 1 station over another, so the fact that Waze isn't respectful of the last digit is just plain bad.

But of course, if the feature doesn't work...what does it matter I guess.

I agree. UNABLE to update prices. Being able to enter the posted price is important. This is a key feature to gain critical mass. IMO.

Thanks Wazers!
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Re: Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby thePunishERD » Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:53 am

We have an issue with gas prices here in Panama. Gas was always sold per gallon, but not anymore, now it's been sell per liter. So now the price shown by the gas stations is around $1 per liter, when it used to be around $4 per gallon.

Here is where the problem begins. When we try to update the prices in the app, it sends us an error because prices that low doesn't seem correct to Waze.

Also, the prices used to have 2 decimals, but now they have 3 decimals.

So we will appreciate if you can take this into consideration and do the fixing ASAP.

Thanks you for this excellent app!
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What a load of crap

Postby tiejustice » Thu Oct 25, 2012 8:14 am

:twisted: as you may know its rubbish? For us UK users.

1st find gas station will only work within 100 yards of a gas station I live between 4 gas stations less than 1 mile but it can not find any??

2nd when you do update a price the last digit will not show a #9? But will only show the #8?

3rd today's us price $3.70 as a average per a gallon = $8.58 if you got your gas in the UK at £1.41 a liter at a $1.61 to £1.00 so now it is so important for us UK users to get the best price and need it to work.

So sort it out or tell us what is wrong with my iPad and iPhone my wife's iPhone and my brothers iPhone as we all have the same problem??

Ps did a trip last week from South Wales to Birmingham easy trip not to hard to get lost why did it not take me around the road works that have been going on for some time? Instead it wanted to take me to the road works and add 15 min to the last 12 min I had left to get to the end of the trip? When I did go around this problem it insisted that I should sit in a traffic jam for 15 min more? I ended up taking just 2 min more by going around the M5 road works not 15?

This program no longer works with rerouting when it see's a problem instead it tells you to just sit in traffic jams and tells you how much longer it will take, any sat nave will do that?

App store score has 1 * from me now pity there is now way to give no starts.
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Re: Re: Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby TonyG-UK » Tue Aug 14, 2012 5:21 pm

dmcconachie wrote:
Billderwent wrote:Sorry if this has been covered, but I couldn't find it from a search. Are there any guesses when this feature will becomje available in the UK?

It's already live in the UK!

What was I saying about users not using this feature the way it's currently implemented because of the UI.
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Re: Gas prices feature: everything you need to know

Postby Twister-UK » Wed Oct 17, 2012 3:28 pm

CrackedLCD wrote:On more than one occasion I've seen my own name, "updated by CrackedLCD today" when I hadn't submitted prices yet. I conferred with another Wazer here and he has noticed the same issue. We're not faking prices but the system is acting like we've posted when we haven't.

Are these at stations where you've submitted prices within the last 24 hours? I get this a lot on stations I pass every day, where I'm passing by a few minutes earlier than I did the day before. At these sites, even though the UI says I updated today, I still get the 8 points for the update. I've only ever seen it happen once on a station that I'd never submitted a price for, and at this location it did behave as if I had already entered a price that day, not giving me the 8 points.
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