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Battery Drain

Post by Nikka93
Hi Guys, i'm on Samsung S8 totally stock firmware and updated.

Since many months with beta app i've seen a huge battery drain even if i don't use waze at all.
So i didn't installed other beta version and i used the regular one from PLAY STORE.

But now i've problem also with the regular app.

Probably is not the app that uses energy but it launches some process in the background.
When i have waze installed i got not more than 3.45h of screen, only unistalling waze i go up to 5h...

I tried everything also tried to wipe cache from recovery but the problem is still here.

I Always have location on.

I can't survive without waze!
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Post by centauri
I'm experiencing the same issue with waze v4.34 and up on IOS.
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Post by jr1982jr
I had an S6 & S7 before my last phone switch and I have to tell you, the screen was absolutely (and still is) the far biggest user of battery. With my new phone, it has a magnetic car mount so I just click it into the powered mount and it always is charging.

Since you're using an Android, charge the phone fully before an upcoming trip then use the phone as you normally would do. Immediately after the drive, look at the battery utilization by application by going into Settings.Battery. This will tell you how much battery was used since the last 100% mark at the top and each application at the bottom. Your situation will be unusual if Screen is not #1 by a large percentage.

If Waze is every close, then you might try Battery Saving, or an app reset. You are also able to drive in what I call "blind mode" where you turn off the screen once you start. I sometimes do this when I know the route well, have no charging mechanism and want to know about upcoming changes, etc. Generally, I always drive with the phone charging now though.

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Map Editor - Level 5
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Post by m_jurrens
Same problem with my iPhone 10. I will leave my phone in my car at work, because I have to, and will come back to a dead battery. Low and behold, even while not navigating after arriving, Waze is secretly usurping the battery, I assume acquiring and beaconing it’s location that hasn’t changed in 8 hours.
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Post by Nikka93
Any chance to get help?
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Post by NotontheT
I've been experiencing this since the last update. The battery drains even while the phone is plugged in. 15 minutes of use with my phone plugged in actually dropped the battery more than 10%. Waze appears at the top of my battery drain list. It's not the screen being on or location services. I looked at the battery saver option, and all that does is dim the screen, which is useless when the screen isn't the issue.

I had this same issue maybe a year or two ago. I ended up restoring the previous version of the app from a backup and waiting on the next release before updating.
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Post by radgastr
It's something with graphics rendering, which cause battery drain, I think.
I lowered resolution in system settings on my Galaxy S7 and phone is not heating now.
You can try
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